Third Covid Wave May Hit Karnataka In October, And It May Target The Young: Experts

According to a theory suggested by the Technical Advisory Committee, Karnataka is expected to face the third wave of Covid-19 in October-November 2021. And because of the delay in vaccination drive the youngsters are in risk.

Third wave

The state is already fighting the second wave of coronavirus. And by the time it’s July, the second wave will tear down after peaking in May only to return by October 2021, the report said.

There was a comparison made between Karnataka and that of European countries, and it clearly shows that the third wave will haunt again. By the time it is the responsibility of the government to take things seriously and be prepared to tackle the inevitable, say experts.

Third Covid Wave in Karnataka (1)

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The TAC further suggests, protocols like mask usage, maintaining physical distance, avoiding crowds, and hand hygiene, apart from vaccination, must be given the highest preference.

Youngsters Vulnerable

TAC chief Dr. MK Sudarshan believes that next time the younger population would be harmed the most by the third wave as they would have not been vaccinated. “Completely vaccinated senior citizens would be protected by then. However, those below 18 years would be most exposed,” he said.

A pediatric pulmonologist and director of Shishuka Children’s Specialty Hospital, Dr. KR Bharath Kumar Reddy believes children would be more vulnerable because of lack of vaccination. “Nevertheless, the Covid transmission string may break as adults at home would be vaccinated and they may not spread to kids. Currently, in most cases, adults are transferring to children who are not going to schools,” Dr. Reddy said.

Unless those in the 18-44 years category are vaccinated by October, a high number of cases will be seen among them too, experts said.

Source: TOI

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