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Bonda Factory Adyar is a unique place where you can sample various flavors of ice cream. Located in Adyar, near Mangalore, the Bonda Factory was established by Mr. R S Kamath, the visionary behind Naturals ice cream. Quickly gaining fame, it has become a popular spot for ice cream enthusiasts.

The making of Bonda Ice Cream:

While tender coconut water holds a special place in Mangalorean hearts, it didn’t have a direct role in Naturals’ ice cream-making process. However, the cream (malai) extracted from tender coconuts became a crucial ingredient for crafting the exquisite tender coconut ice cream. To address this, RS Kamath ingeniously conceived the idea of the Bonda Factory.

Naturals Ice Cream’s Bonda Factory exemplifies sustainability and innovation in the food business. Starting as a way to utilize both water and soft coconut cream, it has evolved into a beloved establishment offering customers exceptional ice cream flavors and coconut water experiences at affordable prices.

Price of Tender coconut water in Bonda Factory:

The Bonda Factory also offers Tender coconut water. Previously priced at 4 to 5 rupees per liter, the current pricing is as follows:

250 ml for 10 rupees
1 liter for 40 rupees

Customers are required to bring their bottles for takeaway service.

Bonda Factory ice cream flavors:

  • Jackfruit Flavour
  • Pineapple Flavour
  • Anjeer Flavour
  • Mango Flavour
  • Lychee Flavour
  • Guava Flavour
  • Sitaphal Flavour

At Bonda Factory, various flavors of ice creams are available. During our visit, we tried flavors such as Jackfruit and Pineapple.

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