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Looking for the perfect weekend escape from the hustle and bustle of city life? Nestled just a short drive from Bangalore, Kanakapura boasts an array of serene resorts that promise tranquility and rejuvenation. Whether you’re seeking adventure in the lush landscapes or simply looking to unwind by a pool, these resorts offer a refreshing retreat. Join us as we explore the top resort destinations in Kanakapura, where your perfect weekend getaway awaits.

Best Resorts in Kanakapura:

Kanakapura is famous for its proximity to the best resorts near Bangalore. Given its close distance to Bangalore, people will love to visit this area. Here is a list of the best resorts in Kanakapura.

1. Forestree Retreat

The Forestree Retreat is one of the best Resorts in Kanakapura. The Ambience, Food, games everything is good here. For more information, watch this full video.

2.  Pyramid Valley International

The Pyramid Valley International is also one of the best resorts near Kanakapura. Here they offer a variety of foods, water games, indoor games, etc.

3. Amegundi resorts

Amegundi Resort in Kanakapura offers serene escapes amidst lush greenery, with luxury cottages and activities like trekking and nature walks for a rejuvenating getaway. Enjoy tranquil lakeside views and a blend of adventure and relaxation in this idyllic retreat.


4. Kaadgal Resort

Kaadgal Resort in Kanakapura immerses you in the enchanting beauty of nature with its secluded jungle setting and eco-friendly cottages, offering a serene escape for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

5. Kanana Hill View Homestay

Kanana Hill View Homestay in Kanakapura offers a picturesque haven nestled amidst rolling hills, providing cozy accommodations and breathtaking views for a peaceful retreat into nature’s embrace.


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