Career vs job: Should You Follow your Passion?

Career Vs Job

Is the same question stuck in your mind? On the way to the office, sitting in a cab, riding a bike, stuck in the traffic, gazing at the display of monitor replying to an escalation mail, when you have a bad meeting with the manager when your bills are higher than the salary when you receive your bonus and increment letter when you see your friend who runs his own business is growing gradually! Whatever!

Everyone has a passion in life, everyone wants to do something in their life. Somebody is clear what they want to do and some are not. The one who is clear what they want to do is stuck with something else which is not allowing them to do what they want. We all are caught up with the daily grind. Eventually, tumbling away from our so-called “Ambitions”.

The question of Career or Job? Is contradictory – If you sit debating on this it would never end. This is a clash within. At a certain point in time, everybody will go through this phase. Whether they are happy with their current job or not. The fight between these 2 would keep on going and someday it would explode like a volcano, That’s the day you pin in the history.

I am writing this article not to vote either “career” or “job” its let to one’s discretion. The difference between having a passion followed or continuing with a job, maybe this part would have some more light spread. It’s quite a complicated situation when you are in a state of perplexity to take a call between these. Both career and job have their advantages and disadvantages. The other side of the grass is always greener. That doesn’t mean one should quit their job and start doing something of their own. Having a job gives playing safe and chasing passion is an aggressive call.

Following a passion doing something own gives more opportunity to explore what you want, allows you to build up skills, helps you build networking, gives you the confidence to try new, take more risk, gets you out of your comfort zone, moderates you as a challenger. Being passionate, working on your career can be either you have a skill and want to explore more on it or you want to quit the current job and start a new business that you are not aware of. Once you start doing this you will have high self-esteem, enjoy a better life, you will be more productive and successful, you will become a role model for the people. Your working time will not limit between 9 am-5 pm, you will be the boss for yourself. You will have the joy of being independent. Lastly, running your own business is like growing a tree that gives fruits to you and also to your next generation.

Having a job will give you a sigh of security, pay you to check, pay your rent and bills, it gives you a sense of identity, a work-life balance. You will not have any investment or loss as you will have a fixed salary. Your hard work pays to your boss or your company but not you. You will claim the hierarchy with promotions and increments. You get to meet new people build a network, learn new things, acquire more skills, and competencies. On the other side, you are framed between 9-5 sometimes extended hours, follow a routine, wait for month end to get the salary credited, just be a follower of instructions from the boss. Limit your capabilities and talent. Have a slower growth and you will not carry a legacy for the next generation except your savings and PF.

As I already mentioned I am not supporting either following career or continuing job, Its let to once discretion. One has to be passionate about what they are doing whether a job or a career, build your passion love what you do if you can do what you love. Set your professional goals career goals, figure out what you want to do? How do you want to do? Understand what it takes you to do that? Money is not everything, the money will not buy happiness but we cannot live without money, we need money for everything.

Whether you are employed or self-employed, build a passion not everybody can quit their job and start a business, but that shouldn’t discourage one from doing their job. There are lot many examples where an employee is proven more successful than any business owner. It is very important to understand what you want to do.

Before you think about quitting a job and follow your passion, consider a few things. Understand your skills, know what are your strengths and weaknesses, explore what are you good at, Work on the skills that will help you start earning. Start doing it part-time until you get confidence, once your skills start generating more revenue than your salary take a call. Do not expect an overnight profit an overnight success. Give some time to your business.

I started my career as a financial analyst, served an investment bank for about 6 years, though I had considerable growth, work-life balance, and stabilized financial condition I was missing something in life. I started working on my passion as I love photography and enjoy doing it. I used to spend my weekends with my camera. Eventually, my passion started turning into a profession. A fine day I decided to walk out of the corporate world and follow my passion. Now I lead a team of my own and a brand that has a significant reputation in the market. Chasing your dreams and do what you love is never easy. But I also learned at the end of the day, it’s worth it. I shared my personal experience not to convenience you but to give a live example with my own experience.

Before I finish this write up – Its ultimately you who is going to face any situation or the outcome of your choice. Be wise in choosing your career path or the job that you want to join for. Set your life goals, set your short term and long term goals. Make a chart, keep thinking about it every day, keep working every day on it eventually you will land up where you wanted to. An overnight decision or a decision taken in the heat of the moment will cost.

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