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In recent days there has been an increase in the number of YouTubers across the Globe. After the Covid Pandemic people started to watch more vlogs from YouTube, Facebook etc. In Karnataka, there have been many travel Vloggers or Youtubers in recent days. Many are famous and some are in the making. In that, we have made a list of the Top 10 Kannada Travel YouTubers here. Read the Article to know more…

Top 10 Kannada Travel YouTubers:

  • Dr Bro

  • Flying Passport

  • Kittadi Kiran

  • Heggadde Studio

  • Masala Chai Media

  • Unbox Karnataka

  • Backpack with M

  • Lohith Kannada Traveller

  • Global Kannadiga

  • Sudeesh Kottikal


Dr Bro:

Dr Bro is a famous name in recent years. His real name is Gagan Srinivas. He’s one of the Top Kannada travel YouTubers. He started his channel in 2018 & started to post short videos. After some time he started to do vlogs. Also, he said that he’ll show every country on his YouTube channel. His travel vlogs are tremendous & his way of talking in Kannada is very good. People started to like his vlogs & now he has 1.96 Million subscribers on YouTube and 1.6 Million followers on Facebook.

Followers List:

Youtube: 1.96 Million

Facebook: 1.6 Million


Flying Passport:

Asha & Kiran are two Kannada vloggers who like seeing new places and sharing their adventures with the public under the name Flying Passport. They are the team behind the YouTube channel “Flying Passport,” where they share videos of their travels to different parts of the world.

Followers List:

Youtube: 373K

Facebook: 348K


Kittadi Kiran:

Kittadi Kiran YouTube channel is a famous Kannada travel YouTube channel. This channel was started by Kiran in 2013. Kittadi Kiran is famous for his travel Vlogs. He always does travel vlogs on his bike. At present, he has 100K subscribers on youtube.

Followers List:

Youtube: 100K

Facebook: 263K


Heggadde Studio:

Heggadde Studio is a famous Kannada YouTube channel that started in 2019. Here they’re showing beautiful places, Food, Cinema news, etc. They are also famous as one of the top Kannada travel YouTubers.

Followers List:

Youtube: 502K

Facebook: 338K


Masala Chai Media:

Masala Chai Media is a team of Vloggers. The team includes Shiv, Ranganath, Vinay & Satish Bhat. They started this channel during the COVID-19 pandemic. Masala Chai Meidia channel is famous for their different type of vlogs. They make travel vlogs, food vlogs, etc. They are showing many undiscovered places in Karnataka.

Followers List:

Youtube: 215K

Facebook: 657K


Unbox Karnataka:

Unbpx Karnataka is one of the famous travel YouTube channels. Here they show Undiscovered places & good food vlogs in their videos. The channel started in 2017. At present, they are very famous in Karnataka.

Followers List:

Youtube: 306K

Facebook: 2.5K


Backpack with M:

Backpack with Mahalakshmi channel started in the year 2018. She started this channel to share her experience & to guide those who want to travel across the globe. She’s one of the famous girl kannada travel YouTubers.

Followers List:

Youtube: 56.7K

Facebook: 131K


Lohith Kannada Traveller:

Lohith Kannada Traveller is a Kannada travel YouTube channel by Lohith. This channel started in 2015. At present, he has 235K subscribers. He’s also one of the famous Kannada travel YouTubers.

Followers List:

YouTube: 235K

Facebook: 5.6K


Global Kannadiga:

Global Kannadiga is a famous Kannada travel YouTuber. His name is Mahabala Ram. He started this YouTube channel in 2022. Now he has 112K + subscribers on Youtube.

Followers List:

Youtube: 112K

Facebook: 119


Sudeesh Kottikal:

Sudeesh Kottikal is one of the famous Kannada travel YouTube channels. This channel was started by Sudeesh in the year 2009. Here he’s showing ancient culture and historical places in Karnataka. At present, he has 266K Subscribers on YouTube.

Followers List:

Youtube: 266K

So, these are the top 10 Kannada Travel YouTubers.

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