‘BJP Only Bothered About Elections, Not Covid Cases’: Siddaramaiah

According to a report, the total Covid cases in Karnataka are likely to touch 12.9 lakh by May 10 this year. The report further predicted that the death toll may rise more than 13,600. Seeing the rise in the Covid cases, Siddaramaiah attacked the Central and State governments for being relaxed even after the dangerous experience of Covid-19 first wave.

Siddaramaiah attacks the government 

The opposition leader in Karnataka Assembly and former Chief Minister of Karnataka Siddaramaiah on Friday blamed the Central and state government for only being concerned about elections but not about responsibilities amid the second wave of coronavirus.

Writing it on Twitter, Siddaramaiah attacked the in power BJP saying that they are careless about the second wave “Unfortunately, Central BJP and state BJP leaders were only worried about elections but not administration. Why are Karnataka BJP leaders not following the protocols which they are trying to preach to the public?”

“Covid-19 second wave crisis has revealed the fragile public care system under the present BJP Central and State government. People have become incapable without any medical treatment for Covid-19,” he added.

Government not learning a lesson 

Realizing the further situation he further said, “India had a grave experience during the first wave. Yet the government has not learned any lesson. Remdesivir, widely used for Covid treatment, is not available. Why was the government not ready with the medicines?” he asked.

According to a theory given by Sanjeev Mysore, who is a convenor for Jeevan Raksha, told Bangalore Mirror that the cases would rise quickly across the city. “Sadly, Bangalore is likely to observe around a 12 percent rise in Covid deaths between April 11 to May 10.”

Yesterday, it was Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa who was tested positive for Covid. The CM took a test as he was complaining of fever for a couple of days. Immediately, he attended MS Ramaiah hospital where he went through a checkup and was later admitted to Manipal Hospital.

News Source: hindustantimes

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