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Bangalore is a paradise for food lovers. With its bustling streets, vibrant culture and variety of cuisines, the city has something to offer for everyone. Non-vegetarian restaurants in Bangalore serve up delicious dishes made from meat, fish that are sure to tantalize your taste buds! So if you’re craving some delicious non-veg fares then Bangalore is definitely the place to be. There are many best non veg restaurants in Bangalore. Here we shortlisted 23 popular non veg restaurant in Bangalore.

The 25 Best Non veg restaurants in Bangalore:

  • Naati Sogadu Family Restaurant, Sahakar Nagar

  • Teju Fryd Nagarbavi

  • Hotel Navayuga Gandhinagar

  • Halli Savi Family Restaurant Nagarbavi

  • Mangalore Kitchen Nagarbavi

  • New Abhiruchi JP Nagar

  • Punyashree Naati Style Family Restaurant

  • Coastal Chilies Family Restaurant Nagarbavi

  • Mangalore Sea Palate Jayanagar

  • Shanghai Court JP Nagar

  • Karnataka Biryani Point Kurubarahalli

  • Best Brothers Biriyani in Bangalore

  • JK Costal Curry Basavanagudi

  • Magtan foods Koramangala

  • Akshay Dum Biriyani Hoskote

  • Bannur Dham Biriyani

  • Mavalli Biriyani ಮಾವಳ್ಳಿ ಬಿರಿಯಾನಿ

  • Halli Mane Badoota Chandra Layout

  • The Fatty Bao

  • The Black Pearl

  • The Hole in the Wall

  • Nandhana Palace

  • Tandoori Flames

  • Oye Amritsar

  • Toscano


  1. Naati Sogadu Family Restaurant, Sahakar Nagar:

The place is located at Sahakar nagar on a small alley road and was very quiet and peaceful though it is surrounded by bustling streets around. The food is served on a traditional banana leaf. We chose our food seeing the dishes cooked live-in kitchen. Smacking starters like Chilly Chicken, Pepper Chicken, and Boti Gojju gave a great start with their great aroma and spices. Ragi Ball, Dosa with Mutton Chops, and Koli Saru were delightful. The special curry called Naati Koli Bassaru was the highlight of the meal with its homely and delicious taste. Biryani was soo yummy and tasty that we would never forget the smell and taste of it. If you are looking for non-veg restaurant nearby it is the best place. Overall it’s a great place to experience the food for sure.

Address:  ನಾಟಿ ಸೊಗಡು NAATI SOGADU Restaurant Number: 9972905979, Naveen 9845849097 Ground floor, Site#28/1,15th Main, 1st Cross, E block, Sahakar Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560092  

  1. Teju Fryd Nagarbavi:

The famous Indian spices and ready mix masala powders and other food pruduct makers Teju has come up with a new concept of eatery in the name Fryd. A brand new fusion restaurant which gives experience of both international and desi feel. Serving varieties of veg and non-veg dishes is attracting food lovers in Bangalore. if you are looking for restaurants non veg near me this is the best. Our team was recently invited to taste non veg food and review on same. It was a great experiencing visiting this this Non veg restaurant to taste variety of food for Kannada food reviews and to create Kannada food vlogs.

Address: Teju fryd – 11th block, 705,2nd cross, 2nd stage, opposite Rambhavan sweets, next to Deepashree Silk & Sarees, Marilingappa Extension, Naagarabhaavi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560072

  1. Hotel Navayuga Gandhinagar:

If you are looking for delicious non-vegetarian dishes in Bangalore or nearby non veg restaurants, Hotel Navayuga Gandhinagar is the perfect place for you. It offers an array of scrumptious mouth-watering non-veg dishes from all around India. With a variety of regional speciality items on their platter, customers are sure to have a memorable dining experience every single time they visit this restaurant. Navayuga serves best class non veg and Andhra Style Full Meal and Authentic South Indian Cuisine. It is very tidy, hygienic and a family outing venue. Dr.Rajkumar’s one of the favorite non-veg eatery.

Address:  Hotel Navayuvaga – Aparna Complex, No 1, 7, SC Road, Gandhi Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560009

  1. Halli Savi Family Restaurant Nagarbavi:

If you are looking for the Best Non-Veg Restaurant around Nagarbavi, You must visit Halli Savi Family Restaurant as they offer awesome non-veg food. You must try Nugge Kayi Chicken, French Chicken, Chicken biriyani, and Mutton Kurma here. Rates are decent and the ambiance is good. They are one of the best non veg restaurant Bangalore.

Address:  Halli Savi Family Restaurant – natak center, #19 paapareddy palya aaladamara bus stop opposite near khanwa, Nagarbhavi 2nd Stage, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560072

  1. Mangalore Kitchen Nagarbavi:

Tasted varieties of seafood and non-veg food in Mangalore Kitchen, They serve best seafood in Bangalore, the varies combo meals in lowest cost is best option for the food lovers. There are varies combo meals for single, family too. If you are a non-veg food lover and looking for good non veg restaurants near me you must visit Mangalore Kitchen in Bangalore and taste the Costal food.

Address: mangalore kitchen nagarbhavi – ನಾಗರಬಾವಿ ಮುಖ್ಯ ರಸ್ತೆ, 4/55, 2nd Main Rd, Govindaraja Nagar, Vijayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560040

  1. New Abhiruchi JP Nagar:

Typical Andhra style food served on banana leaf in this restaurant located in JP Nagar is fascinating many food lovers, especially who love south Indian authentic traditional food as best non veg restaurant in bangalore. White rice and pappu also other samber, rasam with different types of chutney powder is mouth-watering. The special addition is spicy Guntur chicken and Chilly chicken. Just activates the tasty buds by the name itself. This is the best Andra style food restaurant for the families, they also provide catering services for very low cost. Chilly chicken is the must try item here. We also enjoyed the Biryani and other veg starters.

Address: New Abhiruchi JP Nagar – 16, 1st Main Rd, opp. reliance smart bazaar, Nataraja Layout, Santrupthi Nagar, JP Nagar 7th Phase, Arekere, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078

  1. Punyashree Naati Style Family Restaurant:

Military-style non-veg eating is quite a culture in most parts of Bengaluru. We just enjoy the vibe and atmosphere inside each and every hotel. The people, kitchen, dishes, cook, vibe, and experience are quite unique at each place even though the cuisine style or food names are the same. Similarly, Punyashree is also one of the military hotels like few others but they gave us a different experience with their own type of food taste. Right from their Leg soup to NAATI Koli chicken till the pan beeda. Leg soup tastes different at each restaurant, and we promise you would enjoy and taste the great here.

Address: Punyashree Naati Style Family Restaurant – 541, 82, 7th Main Rd, Govindaraja Nagar Ward, Govindaraja Nagar, Vijayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560040

  1. Coastal Chilies Family Restaurant Nagarbavi:

If you are seafood lover there is an amazing offer that is running! You can now have unlimited Fish Meal starting at just 199! Yes, Coastal Chillies Family restaurant Nagarbavi is presenting this awesome deal on fish food for limited time. Please watch the video to know more. If you arelooking for good non veg restaurant near me, this is the best one.

Address; Coastal Chilies Family Restaurant Nagarbavi – 1st & 2nd Floor, Ram Mahal, 43/70, 2nd & 3rd cross, behind Nammoora Thindi, 12 Block BDA layout, NGEF Layout, Naagarabhaavi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560072

  1. Mangalore Sea Palate Jayanagar:

That is when we found this in a place called Mangalore Sea palate in Jayanagar. Firstly it is a Beautiful ambiance holding place secondly the dishes taste authentic Mangalore Style and are very hygienic. Starting from Crab Soup to Angel Masala to Chicken Ghee Roast to Crab Sukka tasted so great. Silver Rava Fry, Angel Masala, and Crab Sukka were soo delicious. Chicken Ghee Roast was cooked quite uniquely with a lot of fry fruits and ghee showing the richness of the dish. Crab and every single fish ordered was fresh as the fishes come fresh directly from Mangalore and other Coastal places twice a day regularly. Veg Lovers will enjoy Baby Corn Rava fry and Mushroom Ghee Roast. Neer Dosa with Crab Sukka was delicious while Chicken Biryani had richness filled with well-cooked meat, Ghee, and dry fruits. Kane and Pamphlet tasted quite good as well in their own way. Kokum Juice gave a great taste in between the food to enrich the taste and pleasure.

If you are looking for best near me restaurant non veg, it is the best one. Overall it was a great pleasure and experience having lunch at this place.

Address: Mangalore Sea Palate Jayanagar – 197/F, 27th A Cross Rd, Jayanagar 3rd Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560011

  1. Shanghai Court JP Nagar:

Just to break the Restaurant rule we entered directly into the kitchen to check the hygiene, making, and dishes in live before we ordered our food. It was amazing to see all Shanghai, Chinese and Thai food making in live with a lot of variety of dishes cooked at the same time. We decided to order a range of dishes after witnessing them in live. To begin with, Manchow Soup was a great start with its salty flavors and coriander-filled aroma. Dragan Paneer was decent and had a tangy flavor. Steamed Momos was delicious, and Chicken Lollipop was sauce dominated. Leefu rice had a unique taste as it was cooked with green sauce and a lot of rich vegetables. Garlic chilly Noodles tasted mild and good. Pad thai cooked in flake noodles was filled with rich vegetables and peanuts had a unique taste and the presentation was great. Vanilla Ice-cream with Honeydew noodles was the highlight of the day.

We thoroughly enjoyed eating a bite of it and we strongly recommend this as a must-try dessert here. It is one of the best non veg restaurants in Bangalore.

Address: Shanghai Court JP Nagar- Ground Floor, Rini Pearl, 724, RBI Layout Main Rd, opposite to EK Retail, next to Elita Promenade, RBI Layout, JP Nagar 7th Phase, J. P. Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078

  1. Karnataka Biryani Point Kurubarahalli:

We were looking for a place to eat in Kurubarahalli .. Apparently one of my friend suggested a place for a quick good lunch.. We thrived to Karnataka Biryani point which is quite famous in this locality for their biryani and kebabs & also best non veg restaurants Bangalore. Their unique style of chicken biryani tasted yummy and the Chicken leg piece which is also locally known as kalmi kebab was fully of meat and delicious … Grill chicken was tender and tasted mild and healthy. Their cucumber and onion cut raita is a great combination with biryani or Kushka that gives a different flavor when mixed and eaten together. All in all it was quite a good experience to try something different and nice. If you are a food lover, you can taste best Bidadi Tatte Idli near this place.

Address: Karnataka Biryani Point Kurubarahalli – #180/106, pipe line, Kurubarahalli Main Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560086

  1. Best Brothers Biriyani in Bangalore:

The unique theme of bucketed biryani is the highlight here. Hot steamy biryani inside a bucket makes biryani more interesting here. Biryani tasted really unique and great. Chicken kebabs and Kalmi leg piece kebab was so delightful without its own flavor of masala coating and fresh well-cooked meat. Surprised by the taste of chilly chicken as it tasted exactly like a 100-year-old famous Andra-style hotel dish, a very typical Andra chilly chicken taste. They have a variety and great combo packages with bucket biryani that you can choose from. From mutton biryani to chicken biryani, Kebabs, parottas, chilly chicken, chicken fry, Kalmi kebab, Guntur chicken, etc. All in all, we had a great food experience with Brothers Biryani with their food culture and of course their great brotherhood service nature. If you are looking for the best non vegetarian hotel near me, this is the best one.

Address: Best Brothers Biriyani – Avalahalli, Banashankari 1st Stage, Banashankari, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560026

  1. JK Costal Curry Basavanagudi:

To be more honest, they exceeded all the expectations that we had before entering and gave us a great surprise with their unique menu list, beautiful kitchen, and taste. Coined as Coastal curry we were expecting a normal variety of dishes on the menu however, we were super thrilled with some of the new dishes that we never came across at any restaurants like Egg roll kebabs, Egg roll chicken kebabs, Mutton tandoori kebab, etc. Prawns pepper dry as a starter is one the tastiest starters that set the tone for a great lunch. We almost felt a 3-star restaurant experience with the overall service, hygiene, and taste. We would strongly recommend some of the tasty dishes to be tried out here when you visit such as Prawns pepper dry, egg roll kebab, Kori roti, and chicken Koli saaru. Please do watch our video to hear about more dishes and their comments. This restaurant is one of bangalore best non veg restaurants.

Address: JK Costal Curry Basavanagudi – Natkalappa Circle, 169 24/1, Subbarama Chetty Rd, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560004

  1. Magtan foods Koramangala:

Tamilnadu special Kuttu parota tasted wonderful along with Biriyani made of coconut milk, also Barbeque chicken. I recently visited the hotel Magtan Foods a best hotel in Koramangala Bangalore which was recommended by one of my friends. I also visited the kitchen and learnt how they make special biriyani. If you are looking for nearby non veg hotel, visit this place.

Address: Magtan foods Koramangala – 1st block, 11, 1st Main Cross, Jakkasandra Extension, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560034

  1. Akshay Dum Biriyani Hoskote:

Ever tried eating hot Dum biriyani early morning 4am? Does anyone even cook at that time? Yes, not just one but there are a couple of eateries in Hosakote that serve hot dum mutton biriyani early morning. And there are a lot of food lovers waiting for the weekend to visit and experience Famous Hoskote Biriyani. We picked Akshay Dum Biriyani Hoskote to try our first ever 4 am Hoskote Biriyani. They start at 2am to cook biriyani by 4am everything will be ready and you could see the crowd rushing and waiting in queue to taste the biriyani. We also spoke to the hotel owner Raghu and joined hands in making awesome Dum biriyani to experience cooking food in bulk. Raghu explained us the ingredients they use to make biriyani who is serving for 16 years in the same place. For most of the people biriyani is just not a word but an emotion.

If you are a biriyani lover, looking for  famous non veg restaurants near me Do taste the biriyani once here and share your feedback. Price of Hoskote Mutton Biriyani at Akshay Dum Biriyani is Rs 250/- for 1 place mutton biriyani They also serve chicken leg piece along as complimentary (Only on Sundays).

Address: akshay dum biryani hoskote – 3Q6F+W47, Bengaluru, Karnataka 562129

  1. Bannur Dham Biriyani:

Tasted Bannur Dum Biriyani which is in Bangalore, Nagadevanahalli. Here they sell mutton biriyani early in the morning. It is 4 AM biriyani. The most famous, and I wanted to try it from very long. It was such an amazing biriyani with the best mutton and also chicken flavor in it. I really enjoyed the biriyani thoroughly. It is one of the biriyani I had. It had so much desi flavor in it. They bring mutton from Bannur from their own farm, which is why they have named it Bannur Dham Biriyani. They also sell Mutton leg soup which again the best thing. I recommend this strongly to all biriyani lovers in Bangalore. If you are looking for an amazing experience of eating biriyani early in the morning this is the best hotel which serves best biriyani. If you are searching for non-veg best restaurants near me, visit this famous hotel.

Address: Bannur Dham Biriyani – Devaraj Arash Layout, Sonnenahalli, Nagdevanahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560061

  1. Mavalli Biriyani ಮಾವಳ್ಳಿ ಬಿರಿಯಾನಿ:

Tasted Mavalli Dum Biriyani which is in Bangalore, Shantinagar. Here they prepare mutton biriyani early morning 4am. It is 4 AM biriyani. Mavalli biriyani is most popular and always crowded location, and I wanted to try it from very long. As I was referred by my friends, started early morning on a Sunday to taste this Biriyani. It was such an amazing biriyani with the best mutton and also chicken flavors in it. I really enjoyed the biriyani thoroughly. It is one of the biriyani I had. It had so much desi flavor in it. I recommend this strongly to all biriyani lovers in Bangalore. If you are looking for an amazing experience of eating biriyani early in the morning this is the best hotel which serves best biryani.

Address: Mavalli Biriyani – 119/1 4th Cross, Shanthinagar, Double Rd, near HDFC bank, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560027

  1. Halli Mane Badoota Chandra Layout:

If you are a non-veg foodie and looking for a street for nonveg food in Bangalore, Walk to this place called Halli Mane Badoota which offers awesome non-veg food. You get Non veg food such as Goat’ s Head curry, Chicken, Fish and Ragi Mudde. Price is very attractive and the taste is speechless. If you are in and around Vijayanagar this is the closest place & one of the best non veg hotels in Bangalore.

Address: Halli Mane Badoota – 5, 2nd Block, Nagarbhavi 1st Stage, BDA Lay Out, Chandra Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560072

  1. The Fatty Bao:

The Fatty Bao is one of the premier non-vegetarian restaurants in Bangalore. Serving up delicious dishes from around the world as well as classic Indian favourites, it’s sure to satisfy your craving for meat-based dishes! Their menu offers something for everyone – from the carnivore to the vegetarian options – all with a modern twist! They also offer an extensive range of drinks and desserts, making this a great spot for dinner parties or group gatherings. Head on down to The Fatty Bao in Bangalore  for best veg and non-veg restaurant near me and sample some of their amazing food today!

Address: The Fatty Bao – Third Floor, 610, 12th Main Rd, 7th Cross, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560008

  1. The Black Pearl:

The Black Pearl is a popular non-vegetarian restaurant located in Bangalore, India. It specializes in a variety of delicious coastal seafood dishes and recipes from across the world. With an extensive menu, The Black Pearl offers an array of flavors and tastes that are sure to delight any non-veg food lover. From succulent tandoori chicken dishes to yummy grilled prawns, The Black Pearl is known for its amazing fresh seafood selection and quality of dishes & also called as best non veg hotel bangalore.

Address: The black pearl – 6th Floor Swamy Lagoto Building, 7, Outer Ring Rd, above Kia Motors, Kadubeesanahalli, Marathahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560103

  1. The Hole in the Wall:

The Hole in the Wall is a renowned non-veg restaurant located in Bangalore. Known for its mouth-watering dishes, this local eatery is loved by locals and tourists alike for its delightful flavors. The Hole in the Wall offers an array of delectable non-vegetarian options that are sure to delight meat lovers. With its signature dishes and welcoming atmosphere, the Hole in the Wall is a must-visit destination for all non-veg food enthusiasts!

Address: The Hole in the Wall – 4, 8th Main Rd, Koramangala 4th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560047

  1. Nandhana Palace:

Nandhana Palace is one of the most popular non-veg restaurants in Bangalore. Serving a variety of dishes from all over India, including classic favourites such as kebabs, biryani and more, they provide an unforgettable dining experience that foodies in the city love. With its cosy yet vibrant atmosphere, Nandhana Palace is always a great place to visit for delicious non-vegetarian fare! It is also one of the best non veg hotel in Bangalore.

Address: Nandhana Palace – No 15, 5th Main, Shivanagar, Opposite-Power House, WOC, 3rd Block, Rajaji Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560010

  1. Tandoori Flames:

Ranging from casual restaurants to fine-dining experiences, Bangalore is home to several non-veg restaurants such as Tandoori Flames. This popular eatery offers a variety of authentic North Indian dishes cooked in traditional clay ovens and charcoal grills. With flavorful dishes like chicken tikka masala, malai kofta and butter chicken that are cooked with rich spices, it’s no surprise that Tandoori Flames remains one of the city’s most popular non veg destinations. If you are searching for best restaurants near me non veg, visit this best non veg hotel in Bangalore.

Address: Tandoori Flames – No.17, VMS Arcade, SHANTHI LAYOUT, Kowdenahalli, Ramamurthy Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560016

  1. Oye Amritsar:

When it comes to non-veg restaurants, Bangalore has a lot to offer. Oye Amritsar is one of the most celebrated restaurants, offering delicious Punjabi delicacies and high quality service. Other places in the city are also known for their yummy non-veg preparations, such as Punjab Grill and Andhra Spice. The city’s vibrant nightlife adds to its appeal among gastronomes, so be sure to visit the many eateries that cater to your taste buds!

Address: Oye Amritsar – No.72, 2nd Floor 100 Feet Road, next to Max & Crossword, 3rd Phase, J. P. Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560076

  1. Toscano:

Toscano is one of the best non-vegetarian restaurants in Bangalore, India. The restaurant offers an array of delicious dishes and drinks, sourcing only top-notch quality ingredients. The menu includes succulent kebabs and curries, as well as other classic Indian dishes in an elegant setting. Whether you are looking for a romantic evening or a casual family affair, Toscano has something to suit every discerning palate!

Address: Toscano – Ashoka Pillar Rd, near Madhavan Park Circle, 6th Block, 1st Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560011

So these are the best Restaurants in Bangalore.  There are many good hotels in bangalore, including best Idli hotels, Best Mysore pak in bangalore, and best place to eat dosa etc.


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