Top 15 Places to Eat the Best Dosa in Bangalore


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Bangalore is home to some of the best dosa spots in India! There are many hotels to try Best Dosa in Bangalore. From classic masala dosas to innovative varieties like butter masala to cheese burst – there’s something for everyone! If you are searching for best dosa restaurant near me, then you can visit these places.  We’ve put together a list of the top 15 must-try places for dosa lovers in Bangalore.


Top places to eat the Best Dosa in Bangalore:

  1. Mavalli Tiffin Rooms (MTR), Indiranagar:

Mavalli Tiffin Rooms, or MTR, is one of the oldest and most iconic eateries in Bangalore. Located in the bustling neighborhood of Indiranagar, MTR’s has been serving up classic dosas since 1924! Their menu has all the classics like masala dosa, set dosa and mysore masala among many others. Additionally, they also offer special varieties like banana puri and thayir sadam. Plus, they’re known to have some of the best sambar in town! So this is one of the best dose places in Bangalore.

  1. CTR, Malleshwaram:

CTR, Malleshwaram is known for having the best dosa in Bangalore. You can find a variety of dosa dishes on their menu, ranging from plain masala dosas to vegetable and paneer variants stuffed with different types of fillings. They even have gluten-free options which use flaxseed flour instead of the traditional maida! Plus, their servings are incredibly generous and reasonably priced. So make sure you come here hungry as you won’t be disappointed!

  1. Vidhyarthi Bhavan, Gandhi Bazaar:

A stone-throw away from Gandhi Bazaar, Vidhyarthi Bhavan has been around since 1943, serving delicious south Indian food. Perfectly cooked masala dosas are popular here and come with different chutneys and sambar that elevate the taste of the dish. If you want to try something new then try the spicy Paneer Butter Masala sandwiched between two dosas. They even have special Jain Dosas which are an all-time favorite among their customers! So this is one of the best dosa places in Bangalore. If you are in south bangalore and searching for best dosa near me, this is the best one.

  1. Dosa At Brahmin’s Coffee Bar:

If you don’t mind traversing all the way to Basavanagudi, then head to Brahmin’s Coffee Bar. Serving some of the most flavourful dosas in the city, this place is a must visit! Also they have best other tiffins like idli vada, rice bath etc. The pricing is quite reasonable as well and you will definitely get your money’s worth! So if you are looking for best dosa in Bangalore, visit this place.

  1. Indian Coffee House :

Indian Coffee House in Bangalore is a great option if you’re looking for an authentic South Indian dose experience. This is one of the best places for dosa in Bangalore. They have some of the best masala dosas, as well as several other varieties like ragi and khara dosas. The restaurant also has lush outdoor seating, making it perfect for a relaxing evening out.

  1. Mulbagal dosa corner jayanagar:

There’s no better place to enjoy a delicious dosa in Bangalore than Mulbagl dosa corner Jayanagar. This cozy joint is famous for its wide range of dosas, including the butter rava masala, neer and palak dosas as well as some innovative variations like jackfruit dosa. The restaurant also serves up classic accompaniments like sambar and chutney, perfect for completing your meal. So if you are looking for best dosa in Bangalore, this one is the must visit place.

  1. Siddappa Hotel:

Another favorite on Bangalore’s dosa scene, Siddappa Hotel is one of best eatery serving all the classics. Visitors can sample delicious plain masala dosas as well as creative variations like Maggie masala and Paneer Butter Masala Dosa. The food here is always fresh, served hot and made with the best ingredients for an unbeatable flavor. Wash it down with one of their classic drinks for the perfect end to your meal. Try some best dosa here.

  1. RK Dosa Camp:

RK Dosa Camp prides itself on serving up some of the crispest, lightest dosas in Bangalore. Their signature dish is the deluxe Masala Dosa, stuffed with two types of onions and 4 types of masalas. If you’re looking for something naughty, try their Double Cheese Masala Dosa – a heavenly combination of spicy chimichurri and creamy melted cheese! This is a Dosa spot worth experiencing.

  1. Kailash Parbat Dosa Plaza:

If you’re looking for a more contemporary take on dosas, Kailash Parbat Dosa Plaza is the spot you need to be at. Taking inspiration from Italian and Chinese recipes, their innovative fusion menu offers up everything from Cheese Paneer Dosa Rolls to Schezwan Dosa Wraps and Red Velvet Dosa Melting Sandwiches. The decor here is modern but cozy, and the staff are ultra-friendly too – plus, their food portions are generous and value-for-money! Taste here for one of the best dosa in Bangalore.

  1. Mahesh Lunch Home (MLH):

Ideal for a quick south Indian snack, Mahesh Lunch Home (MLH) is one of the best places for dosas in Bangalore. Located in Malleshwaram and popular among locals, MLH offers delicious fare like the cheese masala dosa, neer dosa and set dosa, at a price that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Plus, there’s also a range of sweet and savory snacks to choose from here along with filter coffee. So it is one of best dosa places in Bangalore.

  1. Dosa Café:

Serving up classic South Indian fare, Dosa Café is one of the best dosa places in Bangalore. This restaurant specializes in traditional, authentic dosas using freshly-made rice and lentil batter for an unbeatable flavor. From masala dosas to special varieties like rava, paneer and cheese, the menu here is sure to satisfy your craving for a tasty dosa!

  1. Dosa Bazaar:

Another popular stop for dosa lovers in East Bangalore is Dosa Bazaar. This is one of the places for best dosa in Bangalore. Unlike some other eateries, this spot takes a traditional approach to its delicious creations, catering especially to the taste buds of locals. Sample classic dosas with chutneys and sambar for an unbeatable snack or opt for paper masala, paneer cheese and ghee roast varieties for something a little different. Here you also get best khali dosa in Bangalore.

  1. Mulbagal dosa RR nagar:

Another well-known spot in Bangalore, Mulabgl dosa. Famous Dosas serves up classic dosas and other South Indian favourites. You’ll get to choose from various options like the classic masala dosa or plain dosa as well as some unique creations such as the butter masala dosa. Make sure you try others for an extra smokey kick! This is one of the best places for dosa in Bangalore.

  1. Saravana Bhavan:

Head to Saravana Bhavan if you’re looking for a classic South Indian meal. Also this is one of the places for best dosa in Bangalore. Their dosas taste just like they do in India – light and crispy, with a little bit of tang from the fermented batter. They also offer up unique rava masala dosa – a fried dosa stuffed with semolina filling – worth checking out. Add more zing to your meal with some chutney or sambhar, definitely one of the best places around East Bangalore for dosa lovers!

  1. Nandini Dosa camp:

If you are looking for some traditional, South Indian style vegetarian food, then Nandini dosa camp is the place to be! This quaint restaurant has a great selection of dosas that include rava Masala dosa, open-airy neer dosa and crowd-pleaser Mysore Masala. With all the masalas perfectly balanced and the right proportion of toppings like ginger garlic chutney and sambar, you will be asking for more. Oh and did we mention – they have some authentic filter coffee too! So why are still searching?  Visit this place for taste Best dosa in Bangalore.

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