Covid 3rd Wave: Why Maharashtra Is At Higher Risk? Govt. Explains

According to the reports, up to 50 lakh people, including 5 lakh children, could be infected in Maharashtra if a 3rd wave comes any time soon in the country.

50 lakh people in danger

A Maharashtra minister revealed that if the third wave of Covid-19 comes any time soon in Maharashtra, it could infect 50 lakh people and 10 per cent of it (5 lakh) could be children. Resulting in a massive peak which will take the state’s count up to eight lakh cases.

The government has warned about the probabilities with the experts and task force in a cabinet meeting. With this the government has decided to bring back some of the restrictions to the state, partly changing the unlocking process.

“Around five lakh children may be victims of this deadly disease, of which 2.5 lakh may need access in government hospitals. All these circumstances were addressed during this week’s cabinet meeting chaired by chief minister Uddhav Thackeray,” Rajendra Shingne, Maharashtra food and drug minister, said.

Maharashtra at higher risk

Health ministry Lav Agarwal on Friday emphasised that Maharashtra may be at higher risk from the 3rd wave and that’s why the state is getting ready.

“When a virus multiplies, some mutations help the virus to survive further. As the cases increase, the virus may get more reach to get replicated,” Lav Agarwal said.

He further believes that waves are less of a matter now. “We have allowed the waves to increase by our careless behaviour, which is more of a concern now,” Agarwal said.

The first Delta Plus variant in India was detected in Maharashtra in April, which confirms that the variant has been there for quite some time. Presently, the state has the highest number of Delta Plus cases and Maharashtra could be the reason for the beginning of the third wave.

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