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Karnataka is one of the most famous states in India. It is known for its biodiversity and cultural heritage. When it comes to Snakes, Karnataka is home to many different types of snakes. Spectacled Cobra, King Cobra, Python, and others are found here. In recent days snakes have also been found in city areas. So we need snake catchers or snake rescuers to rescue the snake. Here we made a list of famous snake catchers in Karnataka.

Snake catchers in Bangalore:

  1. Bangalore Rescuers team:

The Bangalore Rescuers team is a group of many people who are experts in Catching snakes. They work for 24*7 the whole year. You can contact them at any time.

Contact number: 097434 62586


  1. Snake catcher Vasuki:

Vasuki, famously called Snake catcher Vasuki is famous for snake rescuing in Bangalore. He’s doing this for a very long time. He works every day from Morning 8 AM to Night 10 PM.

Contact number: 096111 77757


  1. Snake Catcher Bangalore South:

Snake Catcher Bangalore South is a team of Snake catchers in Bangalore. They are one of the famous and authorized snake catchers. They have experience of 18 years in snake catching.

Contact number: 9900206859

  1. Snake Catcher near Bangalore North:

If you are looking for a Snake catcher near Bangalore North, Contact Sharath.

Contact number: Sharath – 9880108801


  1. Snake catcher near RR Nagar:

Expert snake catcher and rescuer is a famous snake catcher in RR Nagar, Bangalore. If you are looking for a Snake catcher in RR Nagar, call him.

Contact number: 8884400671


  1. Snake catcher somu:

Snake catcher Somu is one of the famous snake catchers near HAL Bangalore. If you are looking for Snake rescuers near HAL, Contact him.

Contact number: 080957 09709


  1. Snake catcher Nagendra:

Snake catcher Nagendra is one of the famous snake rescuers in Bangalore. You can contact him for more details.

Contact number: 090198 59577


Snake catchers in Mysore:


  1. Snake Shyam:

Snake Shyam is a well-known person for Snake Rescuing not only in Mysore but in the entire Karnataka. He’s one of the most experienced Snake catchers in Karnataka.

Contact number: 9448069399.


  1. Surya Keerthi:

Surya Keerthi is a famous snake catcher nowadays. He’s the son of snake Shyam. Surya Keerthi is an inspiration to many. If you are looking for snake catchers near Mysore, call him.

Surya Keerthi Contact number: 7022042028


  1. Snake catching in Mysore:

Contact number:  9945108998


Snake catching in Uttara Kannada:

Snake Catcher in Kumta:

Pavan is a famous snake catcher in Uttara Kannada. He’s one of the young snake catchers in Karnataka. Recently he rescued a white python Uttara Kannada. If you are looking for a snake catcher in Uttara Kannada, Contact Pavan.

Contact Number:


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