Vrishabhavathi River’s water is Crystal clear after Decades

While COVID 19 positive report is causing a negative impact on humans but it does have a positive impact on nature. The entire world is victimized by the coronavirus and most of the countries are locked down when all the industrial activities are shut, vehicle movements are stopped the environment is rejuvenating.


Its time for mother nature to heal herself. The ecosystem is under reboot. We recently witnessed in Punjab people were able to see the mountain range from 200 km away after decades. We read in newspapers that the air pollution level in all major cities of India is reduced. We also read the river Ganga water is in its purest form and now it is drinkable.


Aren’t these positive impacts of corona? Yes, Of course.


Now, its river Vrishabhavathi River’s turn. An ancient river of Bangalore which was one of the major sources of water for the people back in time now it is notorious for its pollution, A river turned in to sewage. Currently highly polluted due to pollutants from domestic and industrial sources. It is also known as “Kengeri Mori” now.


There are memes on the internet circulating that “Nature is healing, Human is the virus” etc. This lockdown may end up helping the residence of the Bengaluru to rediscover the lost river “Vrishabhavathi”. It is reported in local news channels that the river water is crystal clear and the pebbles on the river bed are visible. This is only because the industrial activities are shut and the reduction in the dump of industrial and domestic waste.


The river used to be black and stink floating miles in the south part of Bangalore now looks clean and clear. Probably this has happened after decades. Not sure how long the purity going to remain but for sure it will get back to its normal stage once the lockdown is over. Nature has proved again that it has the power to heal by itself we humans do not fiddle. However, for now, this is being a positive result of the pandemic.

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