Viral Video: Man Rotates His Head 180 Degrees

A jaw-dropping clip of a man rotating his head 180 degrees and then spinning it back to its original position has gone viral on social media.

Turning head to 180 degrees

This video of a man twisting his head by 180 degrees is widely shared on social media. In this jaw-dropping video, the man is putting one of his hands on his chin and the other behind his head. He then pushes his chin backward and draws the top of his head forwards.

Once his head takes an 18-degree turn, he spins it back to its original position. “Oh s***! I need a drink, I need a drink!” a voice yells in the background.

“The things shown in this video are done by professionals or controlled by professionals. Do not attempt,” a warning from TikTok said under the video.

Do not try this

Asking a doctor about this incident they have a perfect answer to explain this action. Doctors believe that there are “very few” people who can do it carefully due to “hypermobile joints or connective tissue disorders.”

Dr. Simran Deo, who is a learned in the department, said, “This is when the muscles, ligaments, and tendons are more stretchy. This means that joints can bend more than they would in people without these conditions. However, this is not something to try to do as it could lead to paralysis or a reduced blood supply to the head and neck leading to a stroke.”

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