Dictator of North Korea Kim Jong Un is dead – Rumors spread

Since the day of the non-appearance of Leader Kim Jong, the only question everybody has is “Where is Kim?”
The latest news, tweets called to be rumors claims that Kim Jong Un is dead. Abuzz over social media keeping the news mysterious. But there is no official announcement or news from Korea Central News Agency. It is claimed, Kim is not seen 2 weeks back in public and his health is not in good condition. April 11th attended a program lastly, He didn’t even participate in his grandfather’s birthday on April 15th.

The rumors getting intensified as the media from Asian outlets have claimed he is either dead or he is critically ill. 

36yrs old Kim is called “Iron Man of Korea”, There were some heart-related issues and he had been undergone a surgery the reports say. However, there are no unusual activities so far reported in North Korea which is claimed by South Korea.

North Korea is one amongst mysterious countries being separated from the rest of the world. It is considered the health of Nation Leader is Nation’s security. However, this is not the first time that Kim is away from media and not seen, but during 2014 he was not seen for almost a month.

But the rumors been denied by American president Donald Trump earlier this week, as US intelligence has reported that there is no clarity or official claim that Kim is seriously ill.

Kim Yo-Jong 31yrs old the potential successor of Kim, His young sister is said to be the next leader as she is completely aware of the plans Kim has and also most relied upon by himself. Moreover, she is the only family member left to take over as Kim’s older half-brother assassinated in 2017 in Malaysia.

When it comes to North Korea we can never be sure until it comes from North Korea itself.

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