Chor Bazaar Bangalore or Sunday Bazaar Bangalore

Sunday Bazar or Chor Bazaar is located in Chikpete Bangalore. Items like branded shoes, home appliances, decorative items, and a wide range of variety of items are available.
As the name suggests as Chor Bazar, most of the items that are brought here could be theft items, so It is also advised not to buy items like Cellphones or any such traceable electronic gadgets from this place.
You can see a lot of copy brand products here which will look exactly like the original product here. items like gym dumbbells are also available in this place, there are some stalls with new and fresh items are also available.

Price ranging from 10 rupees to 10 thousand rupees on different products. Most of the products are sold at extremely lower prices which obviously raises concerns about the quality of the product. Sunday Market is one of the largest second-hand markets in Bangalore.

How to Reach Chor Bazaar in Bangalore?

To reach Sunday Market in Bangalore You can follow this address:
Arcot Srinivasa Char Cross St, Jaishree Market, Old Tharagupet, Mamulpet, Chickpet, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560053
Or you can follow this google location

What to buy from Chor Bazaar Bangalore?

You can buy Gym Equipments, CLothes, Shoes, Automobile equipment, electronic items, groceries, and other household items.

Can I trust the Quality of Products at Sunday Bazaar?

No. As the name suggests nobody knows the source of products. Genuinely of the products purely depends. You will have to verify thoroughly to get the best deal. However, the sellers are smart enough to fool visitors to sell their items.

Is Sunday Bazaar Bangalore open?

Yes. Recently we did a Video coverage on Chor Bazaar Bangalore, To get an approximate idea of how the chor bazaar looks, you can watch the video

If you are willing to buy in this Sunday market be extra careful and buy only good deal products. Electronic items most of the time will not run for a few weeks.

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