Children Not To Be Affected Severely In Next Covid-19 Waves: Govt

On Wednesday, the Union health ministry explained beliefs of fear and vulnerability encircling coronavirus disease in children, especially amongst the rumours of the third wave.

Clarifying the rumours

Clarifying the rumours Union health ministry said that the Covid-19 in children is often asymptomatic and rarely requires hospitalisation.

“During the second wave in the country, many questions have been put in the media about the higher vulnerability of children to get unfavourably impacted by Covid-19 during the following waves, if any,” officials said in a statement.

Third Covid Wave in Karnataka

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Rubbishing these fears experts stated that children who catch Covid-19 often remain asymptomatic. This means, there is a possibility of a small percentage of children who get infected requiring hospitalisation.

“Children with good health recovered with moderate illness and without need for hospitalisation while others were admitted in the hospital due to Covid-19 either had co-morbidities or low immunity,” the statement said.

Covid effect on Children

Further, officials revealed that there is no data, either from India or globally, to show that children will be severely infected in the consequent Covid-19 waves.

Asserting the same, the government said that adequate arrangements are being made in terms of healthcare infrastructure to provide effective care and treatment to children who may get infected.

Meanwhile, the government has made all efforts to bring children under the vaccination drive and said Covaxin trials have also been begun in children between 2-18 years.

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