You are a crazy buff, if you have done these in your life! 

Ever Made a fake ID or the Signature: Whether in the school or in the college you must have done this when your teacher would ask for the parent’s signature on the marks card or when your security guard in the college asks for the ID card before entering the premises.

Ever Eaten a bug Intentionally or accidentally it must be the weirdest taste ever if you have done this. 

Ever Faked being sick – When you would have bunked the class or taken a sick leave on the busy 
business day just because you had your cousins at home after that extended Sunday to get out of 

Monday blues.


Ever Travelled solo – Not everybody can think of doing it unless if you are the one who loves adventure and challenges in life, Travelling solo would definitely require guts. Have you done this?


Ever eaten a whole cake by yourself?  whether it was your birthday or your friends or you starving out and craving to eat something that cribbing for a long time, It will be really fun to do at least once in a lifetime.


Ever gone on a spontaneous road trip? – Whether it’s a solo or with your gang, unplanned undecided and unknown destiny a spontaneous road trip on your bike or car would give an abundant memories for life.


Ever talked to someone all night long? – It’s a best friend or the soulmate, a distance long-distance 

relationship or neighborhood it is an amazing feeling to converse with someone whole night though you dint had a topic to talk about. 


Ever gotten into trouble at school? – The day after your faked sick leave or being quarreled with your backbencher or when you faked your dad’s signature and got caught by your principal. The day would be unforgettable for sure.


Ever had a near-death experience? – Gives chills to hear this, Being witnessed or having a close encounter and a close escape from the death would really dumbstruck one.


Ever met a celebrity? – Happy happy moment meeting the favorite filmstar or the singer and taking an autograph or a selfie.  
Ever prank called someone? – When you want to have fun with your bestie or when you just have taken a 

new number, you must have pranked someone with phone calls.


Ever drastically changed your appearance? – The day you took out your spectacles having new pair of lenses, changing your hairstyle, coloring your hair, Trimming the long grown beard to zero would definitely change your appearance. 

ver danced in the rain? – one of the unforgettable experiences in childhood to drench in rain and dancing with friends against the mom’s warning. 

Ever been arrested? – For being drunken or for creating the chaos with your gang for whatever reason.


What is your weirdest experience? Share it on the comment.

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