13 things to do inside during your CORONA virus quarantine

People used to say “Every day cannot be Sunday”, Actually, you know what? it is very boring if it’s a Sunday every day.  It’s not so easy to sit doing nothing, it’s very difficult to sit in front of the TV the whole day, It’s very boring to check your what’s app, Facebook or Instagram the whole day. We are bound to get bored if something becomes routine and now what if we self-quarantine next weeks? With all schedules and daily tasks being canceled. Hotels, offices, schools, colleges, restaurants are closing and the virus is still spreading. We all are in Phoenix and the Govt officials are advising to stay home as much as possible which is leaving us a ton of free time. Well, now we can’t say that “I don’t get time”.

How one can spend time during this quarantine? 

These are the best activities one should try to pass time throughout  
1. Create your own home gym. For once, we are telling you not to go to the gym. Instead, watch some YouTube videos on workout routines and activities. You’ll live. 
2. Take out the paintbox and brush start giving some strokes to let the artist in you awake. Give it a 
few tries and you come up with a masterpiece though you are not Leonard Da Vinci but you may create another piece of Mona Lisa you never know! 
3. Cook food for your family, Well if you haven’t visited your kitchen over the past decade now its time to explore something new. Try some new recipe cook make video and upload on YouTube, your 
video may go viral overnight 
4. Take out those unread books from the shelf, its time to make use of your investment, If you don’t have books at home borrow some from your neighbor or there are plenty online. 
5. Start writing books or small stories or you can write your own stories too you never know that your life story may inspire a movie director and you could see it on a big screen one day.  Shakespeare wrote King Lear during a plague outbreak that shut down theaters, so what are you doing? 
6. Learn a new instrumentWhether a keyboard or a guitar start learning basics referring to the videos on YouTube. If it won’t totally annoy your neighbors. 
7. Start blogging about your expedition and people’s tormenting journey through this mess, you never know maybe one day it would end up in the books of history 50 years later. Remember Diary of Anne Frank.
8. Start meditation. You could get a little inner peace right now or you may get enlightened too like 
9. Be with your family arrange some indoor activity which will keep you engaged, As you won’t be able to see them as often.  
10. Find and donate to an NGO or a local organization online, which is helping poor or needy in this 
11. Have a movie marathon watching all fav movies of you which you have already watched or some 
must-watch movies.
12. Create a scrapbook of your adventures. Or you can also write your Autobiography and cry over how much you miss the good old days. 
13. Go viral on TikTok with your quarantine monkeyshines. Never a better time to get famous. 
How did you find the list? What’s your to-do list during this lockdown? Share in the comment and inspire our readers. 
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