The life lessons CORONA Virus Has Taught Us

An unimagined reality had been thrown by life on all human beings on earth and teaching life lessons. The entire world is working seriously on it, some trying to make a cure in labs, some trying to protect patients, and others making themselves self-isolation, to eradicate this dreadful virus. 

Life is not like 
before; an unseen virus has made the entire world upside down. Thousands of people dying every day all over the world over 150+ countries are affected by the virus, spreading every day every minute, Infected counts and deaths are increasing every second. This could be called a great massacre of this era. Having been witnessed by this crucial situation we have been left with a lot many life lessons which are proving human life is just a part of nature and humans don’t own nature. 



Lesson No 1

All our life, we just imagine our beautiful future and constantly worried about it, But we never imagine something dreadful will happen and the world wipes human life completely. Do not take unnecessary mental tensions thinking about an unrealistic future, rather live your present life. Worry is the misuse of your own imagination. 

Lesson No 2 

We may have hundreds of friends around, Thousands on Facebook, lakhs of followers on Instagram,  Office colleagues, Social contacts, Millions in Bank accounts, etc. but remember nothing comes to use. None will work in the time of crisis and emergency. It is finally you and your family and your home will come to help, so never neglect your family when you are doing financially and socially well. 

Lesson No 3

The planet earth is the habitat for not just human beings it is for plants, animals, birds and each and every living being. But we human beings are just overpopulated and messing with nature, destroying the resources, forests, living beings just for our greed. Ironically this lockdown is imposed only on Human beings and the other species are being free now. 
It looks the earth is on recycle mode, nature has decided to reboot the system. We need to understand that we are here for a very limited time and once our time comes we have to leave. That’s the ultimate truth of life. 
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