Timetable to follow During Covid19 Home Isolation

And now, None of us can give a reason that “I don’t get time”, The time has come to

-Spend with family

-Take out your absolute hobby

-Take out the artist in you

-Time to the reunion, Time to be with your family

Last but not least its time to be “YOU”

CORONA outbreak has made the daily life upside down, The only solution to avoid the virus spread is to “home Isolation” which means social distancing, Govt has ordered and imposed sec.144 which means the citizens are not allowed to gather or appear in the public for any reason except it’s an emergency.

Well, we all have the obligation and responsibility to support Govt by joining our hands. As the lockdown would continue for a few more days, We may have to stay back at home to stay safe.

It would feel delighted to be at home and spend time with family but it would become routine when it is extended for a week’s time.  You may feel bored and your family members too.

Here is the time table for you to follow during this home isolation to keep yourself and your family engaged.

5 am-6 am – Wake up in the morning, Freshen up

6-6.45 – Prayer, Meditation, worshipping

6.45-7.30 – Yoga, workout, etc

7.30-8.30 – Husband should prepare breakfast along with wife and kids should assist on same

8.30a-9am – Family Breakfast

9-10 am – A bit of entertainment, games, laughter with family

10-12 pm – Kids should complete the school/college academic work and parents complete the office work (Work From Home)

12 pm-1 pm The whole family should engage in preparing lunch

1-2 pm Lunchtime

2-3 pm cleaning home and resting time

3-4 pm – Elders would share the memories and stories of their ancestors and their grandparents. Happy moments and the tough times etc

4-5 pm – Meditation and prayer

5-6.30 indoor games, Carom, Quiz or memory games, etc

6.30-8 pm Wife should prepare dinner with the assistance of Husband and kids

8 pm-8.30 – Watching TV and discussion about daily affairs

8.30-9 – Dinner time with family (in silence)

9 pm-10 pm – Reading books, Discussion about freedom fighters, Solders, Debate, and brainstorming about our contribution to the development of the nation and other healthy topics

10 pm-5 am Having a sound sleep

Try this today.

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