Top 10 Must Watch Kannada movies on Amazon prime 

Staying back home and thinking about how to pass time during this self-isolation season? Here we have a list of top 10 must-watch Kannada movies that are must-watch on Amazon Prime that would definitely help you kill your free time and get out of boredom.

Top Kannada movies on amazon prime


Dia is one of the Trending Kannada Movies on Amazon Prime Now. It is a story of a young, introvert girl whose mundane life vivifies up when she falls in love with Rohit her fellow college mate. Being an introvert girl Dia tries confessing her love with Rohit and fails. The moment
Rohit himself confesses that even he is in love with her gets a new hope in life. The sudden changes and fate of Dia end the story miserably.

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Love Mocktail

Is a romantic and fun film about the hero Aadi’spursuit of love? Life takes him through a roller-coaster
ride and goes through varied experiences at several stages throughout his search for true love. Does Aadi finally find his soulmate?
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Avane Sriman Narayana –ASN

A fantasy tale of a quirky new cop Narayana in the fictitious town called Amaravati, in pursuit of solving a
long-held mystery and attempts to find lost treasure. The adventures of Narayana continue
encountering a dreaded gang of dacoits and the leader JairamWould our hero solve the mystery and
finds out the lost treasure? Watch the movie to know the adventures of inspector Narayana.
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4 KGF – Chapter 1

Another blockbuster movie is of the decade available on prime which would really give you complete
entertainment and make you wait for chapter 2. This is a film based on the gold mines that represents
absolute power. The story reveals the truth of power and struggles to rule the goldfields.
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Gubbi Mele Brahmastra

A comedy and fun-filled movie to pass your time, The characters in this movie would definitely throw
laughter on your face. Software engineer Venkata Krishna Gubbi aka Gubbi meets Purple Priya the love
of his life and falls head. But that’s only the beginning of his problems. Gubbi gets into various challenges
in the journey of getting his girl when he encounters villainous Mr. Robinhood and Don Venkat Reddy.
Things get worsen when Priya gets kidnapped.
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A realistic story of a teenage girl and her elusive journey. She starts thinking the life in the movies exists
in real life but the actual life that unravels to her is different. The story continues with the scuffles in
understanding herself. The world around her, educational pressures, The competition over marks
Bullying in school all of it wrapped up, Meanwhile, she also finds out her first love.
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The protagonist Gajendrawho owns a transport company with his four brothers leads a happy life helping
the needy. Their only motto is to take care of local residents and poor and protecting them from
anti-social elements.
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What happens when an on-duty traffic cop gets himself to solve the mystery of a 40-yrs-old case? The
accidental discovery of human bones during a road-widening project provokes the hero to investigate
and solve the case.
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9 Humble Politician Nograj

Nograj is an extremely dishonest corporator of a fictitious constituency, An ironic representation of
current politics and the politicians. Nograjs illogical attempts to please the  MLAjagatprabhuwho treats
corporators as his servants. The film is about Nograj’sambitions to become an MLA in upcoming
elections and the hostility he faces. He finds  MLA JFK and faces ArunPatil a charismatic businessman
who nominates in the election against Nograj.
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10 Nanna Prakara

Ashok a copy & his wife Amrutha a doctor is handed the case of Vismaya Suresh who is supposed to get
married in a week to Suman but is burnt in a car accident. The story takes a different turn when the hero
Ashok gets to know that the two girls of the same name Vismaya were dead at the same spot. How does
Ashok solves the case is what the story all about.
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That’s the list we have, for now, Stay home stay safe this self-isolation season.
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