What are the differences between Bacteria and Virus?

Most of us think Bacteria and Viruses are from the same family but science says something else.

Here are the differences between bacteria and viruses.



Bacteria are uni-celled organisms that are present all around us. Most of the bacterias are harmless including those in our body. Bacterias present in our digestive system actually help us in digesting food and killing disease-causing microbes. Some( at max 1%) bacterias are really a matter subjective to medications.

Treating them is as simple as taking a prescribed course of antibiotics. But the nature of the adaptivity of these microorganisms has suppressed the overuse of antibiotics. In simpler ways, the excess use of antibiotics may help bacterias create strains and will resist these antibiotics. In addition to this, the respective antibiotics apart from killing the respective microbe may also kill off some healthy bacterias in our system and may make a home for toxic germs invading our body.


Viruses are minute infectious agents that are smaller than bacteria and can multiply only inside the living cell of an organism. Unlike bacteria, all viruses cause infections. Viral infections can be avoided either by prior vaccinations( to prevent them before the invasion) or by antiviral drugs. Again, antiviral drugs developed for most of the viral diseases don’t assure any eradication of infection but just ensure to inhibit its development.

Most viral infections tend to resolve on their own (COVID19 one which falls under this vertical) without treatment. In general, any treatment given to a virally infected person is just to soothe the symptoms.

Viral and bacterial infections spread in similar modes:
Coughing, sneezing, contact with infected persons, contact with contaminated
surface/resources, most of the cases insects are the major carriers.


Diagnosing a bacterial or viral infection is a quite head-scratching job for any layman because of their similar symptoms. Doctors often diagnose the infected through a medical history and
physical exams.
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