R Ashwin Asks For A “Free Ball” For Bowlers When Batsman Leaves Non-Striker’s End Early

Former India batsman and commentator Sanjay Manjrekar in a tweet asked fans if the free hit should be removed from the game. Responding to this the India off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin objects saying it is a “great marketing tool and has captured the imagination of the fans”.

Ashwin asks for ‘free ball’

Responding to Manjrekar’s tweet, Ashwin wrote: “Come on @sanjaymanjrekar, a free hit is a great marketing tool and has captured the imagination of all the fans.”

The off-spinner further, suggested that a ”free ball” should be added for the bowlers every time a batsman leaves the non-strikers’ end early before the ball is bowled.

“Let’s add a free ball for the bowlers every time a batter leaves the non-striker’s end early, a wicket of that ball will reduce 10 runs off the bowler’s analysis and total,” he adds.

“Remember: “you are supposed to leave the crease only after the ball leaves the hand,” he added in another tweet.

Manjrekar’s tweet

This happened after Manjrekar had shared the link of his column where he recommended the elimination of a free hit in the game.

The tweet read: “Hi guys, tell me what you think about some aspects of the game mentioned in this column that have me peeved a little bit. Also, let me know what rule changes you would make to better your viewing experience. Will retweet the interesting ones.”

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