Pakistani Diplomats Caught Stealing Chocolates, Hat In South Korea

Two diplomats from the Pakistan embassy in South Korea were detected stealing at a store in Seoul, said local police on Saturday.

Pakistani Stealing chocolates

According to a report published by The Korea Times, Yongsan Police Station told that two Pakistan diplomats were found stealing items worth 11,000 won (USD 10) and 1,900 won (USD 1.70), sequentially, at the same store in Itaewon, Yongsan District, on different dates.

One of them stole chocolates worth 1,900 won (USD 1.70), on January 10, and the other stole a hat worth 11,000 won (USD 10), on February 23.

No action taken

After the incidents, an employee at the store registered a police complaint, and the law enforcement authorities identified the suspect through CCTV footage as a 35-year-old diplomat of the Pakistan Embassy.

However, after an investigation, officers closed the case without booking the suspect because of diplomatic resistance.

The law says that diplomats and their families may avoid arrest, detention, or indictment under certain grounds of their host country.

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