More Women Turned Up For Vaccination Than Men In Karnataka And Tamil Nadu

According to data available at CoWIN, the health ministry portal on vaccination rollout released data of 36 states and Union territories. It revealed that women outnumber men in Bihar, three southern states.

More Women than Men

The data reveals that only four states- Kerala, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka- have more women been vaccinated than men. The gap is very marginal in Chhattisgarh.

With this, Kerala leads the table with 58 percent of women receiving Covid vaccines here. It is recorded that the state has delivered vaccines to more than 14 lakh beneficiaries so far.

More Women than Men

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In the second place, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka have administered Covid vaccines to 52 percent of women each.

India’s most populated state Uttar Pradesh has given the highest number of vaccines at nearly 30 lakh. Nevertheless, women beneficiaries are estimated at around 42 percent, which is less than the national average.

Also, in Bihar, more women than men have received Covid-19 vaccines.

“Given the state’s comparatively low ranking on several socio-economic criteria, this comes as a delightful surprise. Naturally, women hold a large proportion of frontline workers such as nurses, and ASHA, and Anganwadi workers. So this is the reason behind the shocking figures and it same goes to the other states as well,” told Dr Ravi Kirti, head of the medicine department at AIIMS-Patna.

“Notwithstanding its poor economic growth and state foundation, Bihar does great than many developed states in how it treats its women. Moreover, in the past 15 years, there has been a lot of stress on women’s education and empowerment. Maybe, we have now begun to realize the benefits of those efforts,” Dr Kirti added.

Acceptance of vaccination

The original studies on vaccine hesitancy also have symbolized that Indian women have shown tremendous acceptance of Covid-19 vaccines. A survey conducted by researchers at Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, reveals that vaccine acceptance was higher in India.

More Women than Men

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“Covid-19 vaccine agreement level was high at 80 percent for pregnant women in Mexico and India; and below 45 percent for the US, Australia, and Russia. Among non-pregnant women, 73.4 percent expected to receive the vaccination. Covid-19 vaccine acceptance among non-pregnant women also fluctuated considerably between countries (48.6-93.1 percent). Covid-19 vaccine acceptance level was above 90 percent for non-pregnant mothers in India, Brazil, and Mexico; and below 56 percent for Australia, US, and Russia,” the researchers explained.

Source: India Today

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