Must Visit Ice Cream Parlors in Bangalore 

Are you an ice cream lover? If yes here are some of the Must-visit ice cream Parlors in Bangalore to give a try.


Popular ice cream Parlors in Bangalore


It is also known as Desert Parlour with Ice Cream and Beverages 

They Have the top 3 main menus namely

MOCHI ICE CREAM ( Ball of Ice cream covered with sweet rice dough net  weight – 40gm) 
MATCHA LATTE (Japanese matcha + Almond milk net weight – 480ml) 

POCKY (Cream coated Biscuits)

Topmost dishes people like are Mochi Ice Cream and Milk tea.  It is located in HSR Layout. 


2.Polar Bear

Polar Bear is a place where you can have much delicious Ice Cream with different and unique taste. 
They have 10+ Main menu to taste it  
Super Bowl 
Lyche Elite 
Banana Split 
Mango Berry 
Mega Death by Chocolate 
Red Velvet Choco Sin 
They have top-notch ambiance and it is the best place to spend time with your buddies and families along with these chill dishes. 

3.Milano Ice Cream

The main thing most we need in Summer definitely in everyone’s mind will get Ice cream first, which makes all our mouth wet if we remember it. It is one of the best places to enjoy your ice cream party.

They have 3 main menu
Strawberry Sundae 
Banana Spilt 
Strawberry sorbet 
Truffle Ice cream 
Fresh fruit with Vanilla Gelato 
French Crepe with Nutella sauce

Milano parlor ice cream is 100% fresh Italian gelato daily prepared ice cream which makes us to love it. 

It is located in Indiranagar. 

4. Stoner Ice Cream Parlor 

It is a parlor where you can get delicious and different types of Ice cream 
they will add special kind of flavors to get a good flavored ice cream 
Special and popular flavors 
Apple Cinnamon 
Oreo Explosion 
Nutty Fudgy 
Here they have specialized Ice cream for kids  
Kiddy Kat Strawberry 
Kiddy Kat Chocolate  
Crunchy Ferrero 
Chocolate Lava 
It is located in Indiranagar 

5. Rock Stone Ice Cream Parlor 

It is one of the best places where you can spend your time with chill ice-
cream and with a favorite person which makes a great combination. 
They have a Unique Wheelchair accessible Entrance and infrastructure of 
the parlor is very cool and pleasant  
Special menu:
Candy land – Cotton Candy Ice Cream 
Bubblegum Ice Cream 
Nutella Chocolate  
Other popular flavors are 
Midnight Indulgence Cake 
Butterscotch fantasy 
Chocolate Passion for Strawberry 

Hope this list helped you. Which is your favorite Ice Cream Spot in Bangalore? Comment them below. also, check where you can get Best Masala Dosa In Bangalore
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