How to make money in Kannada | How to make money in kannada

If you are looking for an answer to the question “How to make money in Kannada” probably this article is the best place for you as you get right answers here.
There are several ways to make money online. Important platforms are listed under.


Platforms to Make Money in Kannada

1. YouTube

Youtube is a popular content creation platform. You can make money by creating useful videos. Youtube also supports Kannada videos so you can monetize your channel and start making money. You should have at least 1000 subscribers and your channel should get 240,000 minutes of watch time to the monetization enabled. Make sure you upload only original and useful content then only you can make money.
I have shown details on how to make money from youtube in below video. You can watch it


2. Facebook

Yes. You can make money in facebook too. All you need to is upload good quality kannada videos there. You can upload videos which are already uploaded on your youtube channel. To get monetization enabled your channel should have at least 10,000 followers and 6,00,000 minutes of watch time in the last 60 days.

To know more about how to make money from Facebook watch the video mentioned below.


3. Blogs

You can write good Kannada articles and start making money. All you need is to builda a good website and start publishing articles of different topics. You can write about current affairs, travel, news or any topics. Once your site starts getting the traffic you can then apply for adsense and start monetizing your blog.

To know more about How to make money from blogs watch this video


4. Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the popular freelancing platform, If you have skills and talents you can find some clients on fiverr and start making money. You will have to create a profile in fiverr and list your service with price. If buyers finds your profile interesting they will contact you and place an order.

To know more about how to make money from fiverr watch the below link


5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing another good source to make money. You can sell amazon products through your youtube channel or blog and earn commision. To know more about how to make money from affiliate marketing in Kannada watch below video

These are the popular ways to make money – As these videos are in Kannada I hope this article helps you. If you have any queries or questions feel free to drop them in the comments section. Our team will respond on time.




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