Here Are Some Of The Key Takeaways From PM Modi’s Speech

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation on June 7 at 5 pm and announced that free vaccines will be provided to all citizens above 18 years of age. Private hospitals can only charge Rs 150 for vaccination fees, he said.

Here are the key takeaways from PM Modi’s address to the nation.

The Prime Minister spoke about how this Coronavirus has troubled the country’s progress and the second wave which hindered the vaccination drive all over India.

“This is the most lethal pandemic in the past 100 years. The new world has not witnessed such turmoil. India has fought this pandemic at many levels,” he said.

PM also talked about how India improved its health infrastructure within 1.5 years intruding necessary supplies to fight Covid-19.

“New health infrastructure has been grown in the 1.5 years with COVID hospitals, ventilators beds, to developing a network of testing labs. During the 2nd wave in April-May, the need for medical oxygen grew at an unusual rate,” he said.

Speaking on the progress of rapidly producing vaccines in the country the PM said 7 companies have taken responsibility to meet the demands of the doses.

“Vaccine supply will be rising in the coming days. Seven companies in the country are producing different vaccines, 3 vaccine trials at a forward stage,” the PM said.

Hailing the Indian medical companies producing vaccines and the present demand of the doses, PM Modi said “There are very few vaccine manufacturers in the world. Matched with the demand for vaccines all over the world today, the countries producing it and the companies making the vaccine are very few. Assume that if we did not have a vaccine of our own right now, what would have occurred in a huge country like India today?”

“In the last year, the country began two made-in-India vaccines. Today more than 23 crore vaccine doses are supplied.”

He also informed about the rapid procumbent of vaccines from overseas. And the state government’s action against vaccinating children through new methods.

“To enhance vaccine availability, the means of procuring vaccines from abroad has been advanced. Experts have also shown concerns about children. In this course, the trial of two vaccines is started. Research is being made for a nasal vaccine in the country,” he informed.

“At this very day, it has been determined that 25% of vaccination work being done by states will now be managed by the Central govt. This system will be achieved in the next two weeks. PM Modi said.

PM Narendra Modi also announced a free ration for 80 crore people till the festival of lights Deepavali.

“Today the government has ruled that the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana will now be continued till Diwali. In this time of the pandemic, the government is standing by the poor with every requirement, as their companion. That is, by November, free food grains will be available in fixed quantity every month to more than 80 crore citizens,” said the PM.

PM reminded the citizens that the war against the deadly virus is not yet ended on relaxing the lockdown protocols.

“Relaxation in Corona curfew shouldn’t make people believe COVID-19 has ended; We must continue to follow COVID protocols to win this battle,” he said.

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