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Photography in Greek means “drawing with lights”, art as well the science of capturing light and storing it on some medium. It is the whole world full of adventures, interesting events, stories, the game of colors, and lights. We are all accustomed to believe by taking pictures we capture the best moments of our life. Photographs help us to recall the events of the past. To take a good photograph, a person doesn’t need to put much effort, if there is perfect light, background and add a little creativity that’s important for it.  A photographer is someone who skilled at taking pictures or photographs with a camera. He is also a painter who depicts his life on canvas by conveying whether a photograph reflects reality with the highest accuracy. Photographs have a huge emotional impact on people too, making them experience a particular sort of emotion so that they have a certain desire to buy something.

“It’s important to click with people than to click the shutter.”


Best Photographers in Bangalore


Phometo is the best place for preserving the best memories captured forever and considered to be Best Bangalore Photographers. They are an avid, artistic and ingenious team who have pictured over 2000+ events, documented memories of 300+ couples, and trying always to explore ingenious ways to tell stories through their pictures. They are one of the Best Wedding Photographers in Bangalore, Karnataka. From 2014 they have been into this wonderful business making all their customers well satisfied through their amazing photography skills. They also provide Photography services like Pre wedding Photoshoot, Baby Photoshoot, Maternity photoshoot etc. Phometo is based in Bangalore but takes up projects all over the country. They always promise you to capture the moment, but also to narrate the story of emotions.

Why Phometo?

The working team at Phometo are highly talented professionals who are the most enthusiast and keen on capturing all the mesmerizing moments in a wedding ceremony whether by means of photographs, videos, or both. They make sure that the pictures create magic and take a person back in the moment even after years. They love capturing the tiny moments of each person and wave a story out of them. One can totally sit back and enjoy your day forgetting all your tensions about the photographs as the photography team in Phometo takes complete care of one’s special day paying it lots of importance. Here they make sure they do justice for their work and the Brand name. Be sure to invest your belief in them and give them a chance to awe you and you surely shall not be disappointed.

How Phometo works?

Phometo provides all kinds of Photography services. They travel to your destination also to capture your wedding in the most beautiful way and deliver the photos within record time, providing fast and efficient services to the clients. They are open for outdoor or destination photography services for the client however the costs for the travel and their stay have to be borne by the client himself.

Customer Friendly

Phometo considers its customers as their topmost priority. Here in Phometo, the client relationship management is followed very well. They are very good listeners, and works on customer needs and wants. Very responsible in all their works and always leave clients surprised with their brilliant creativity. They make a comfortable atmosphere for their clients to capture their precious moments in the most realistic manner. The professionals in Phometo build a strong reputation in providing fun and memorable photo-shoot experiences that every single client would love and enjoy it. Hence they strive hard to give full satisfaction to the clients and see to it that all their requirements are met and they are happy and content with the work.

Customer reviews

Here is some valuable client’s review of Phometo. Please go through it and have a wonderful experience with Phometo for any of the ceremonies.

review        review


review      review


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