How to Download Video Songs Online for Free

How to Download Video Songs Online For Free :

Songs and music have always been one of the most favorite pastimes in the country. Songs from Bollywood and other independent artistes have always proven to be big blockbusters. Besides, music from the south including Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam also have a great and loyal local fan base.

People love to save their favorite music either in audio or video format. While there are a lot of sites available to save your favorite music in mp3 format or mp4 format, there is not a lot of informative how-to articles on how to save songs in the video format.

Although there are many articles out there offering a detailed explanation on how to download your favorite movies, there are not many articles that offer a detailed step by step explanation on how to download your favorite songs in the video format. We here at Masala Chai present to you a detailed article on how to download video songs online for free of your choice.

Before we begin with the process, an important point to be noted is that it must be made sure the use of the downloaded video songs is for personal purposes only. Prior copyright must be obtained from the owner or producer of the content if the video is meant to be used for business purposes or profitable gains.

The use of downloaded content from the internet for other lucrative purposes without obtaining copyrights from the owner of the piece of content is considered to be illegal and is a punishable offense. The punishment for the offense may range from a fine to even a few weeks of imprisonment, depending on the severity of the crime.

Here is how copyright can be obtained from the producer of the content prior to use for commercial purposes.

  • Search for the desired video to be downloaded on YouTube
  • Once you have selected the song, check the description to find the owner of the copyrights
  • It may be indicated as “________ reserves all rights to the commercial use of the video”
  • Find the means of communication with the copyright owner
  • This can be usually figured out by visiting the website of the owner
  • Visit the Contact Us section of the website, where the details for the mode of communication will be listed
  • You can choose to mail or directly contact them over the phone (if the contact number is specified) as per your preference
  • Obtain clearance from the producer before you use the content to avoid legal action citing copyright infringement 

Here is a comprehensive list of how to save videos from various video sources on the internet. This is a step by step guide on how to download your favorite video songs from the internet.    



The most popular video platform in the world, YouTube is the main source of video content online and can download video songs online for free. Owned by Google, the video streaming platform has hundreds of millions of viewers tuning in to stream online every day.  

YouTube is one of the greatest platforms when it comes to video songs and the availability of videos. It is also the second most searched search engine after Google. It provides a good amount of money and provides a large platform to video songs. 

Therefore, almost all the video song owners are attracted towards it and almost all the video songs are available there. But, YouTube does not provide a download link due to some privacy issues and policies. Using some secondary websites or URLs, the video can be downloaded.


  1. With the option to save videos in a single click, it becomes very easy to download your favorite songs.
    2. It offers arguably the widest range of video songs available for free.
    3. Possesses an easy to use User Interface.
    4. It provides a high quality of songs which is better compared to everyone else.
    5. The videos are available to stream or download in many different video qualities, ranging from 144p to 1080p.

Method 1: Save using

An easy way to save videos from YouTube can be by pasting the source URL on Here is a step by step guide on how to use the website to save videos.

Step 1: Go to the search bar located at the top of the screen and select the URL of the existing page. Copy the URL of the video to be downloaded.


Step 2: Then open in the new window tab.

Step 3: Once you have opened the website, simply paste the URL you had copied earlier on the taskbar of the website.


Step 4: After pasting the copied URL on the website, you will be able to save the required video in a variety of options. Choose the desired video quality and select the Download option to save the desired video.


Method 2: Using SS Prefix in the URL

Step 1: Go to the search bar located at the top of the screen and select the URL of the existing page. Copy the URL of the video to be downloaded.

Step 2: Once you have copied the desired URL, open a new window or tab.

Step 3: Paste the URL in the search box of the new window or tab.

Step 4: After pasting the URL in the new tab, simply add ss before the link.

Fun Maza

Another option to save video songs online in the mp4 format is Fun Maza. Although not as popular as the biggest streaming platform in the world, YouTube, it is slowly gaining popularity as a new source for online video streaming and can download video songs online for free.

The relatively new platform Fun Maza is a great place to download video songs online for free. The website provides users with video songs of all their favorite songs in a large number of languages. Besides a large number of video songs available, it does not compromise on the quality of videos. The sound quality of the songs is also very good and deserves appreciation. Another interesting option is the feature enabling single click download. As a result, the video can directly be downloaded from the website, unlike YouTube, where you need to use secondary sites or links to download the desired videos from the platform.


  1. Also provides a very convenient feature- single click downloads.
    2. Provides a wide range of video songs in a number of languages available for free.
    3. Has a clean and categorized structure of the website.
    4. Offers an easy to use User Interface.
    5. Multiple albums are also available.
    6. It is a great platform best suited for collectors.



In the era when YouTube is dominating in the world of videos clearly without a doubt, NEWHD has created a great platform at par with YouTube. This website has taken a lot of effort to provide its users with the best user interface they can, helping users download videos easily.

NEWHD is a pretty decent platform to download songs in video format without compromising on quality. Single click downloads are available on this website. And have many other features too which are mentioned below.


 1. It provides the option of single click downloads, as is the case in all other streaming platforms.
2. It also provides a wide range of video songs free of cost.
3. Apart from offering songs from Bollywood, the platform also streams songs in other languages from English to regional languages video songs.
4. It has an easy to use User Interface.
5. Another special feature is that on the platform, old video songs are available too.


I hope the above steps in the article help you to easily download your favorite song in video format without any hassle. The tips and tricks mentioned in the article make it much easier to save your favorite songs online by simply using any of the methods mentioned earlier.


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