Before you start photography – Tips for beginners!

When you Google about how to start photography you get to see a lot many articles, blogs, and videos on YouTube – Beginner’s tips for photographers


But none of them have told anything about the things to consider before starting photography. Photography is an art, Photographers are artists, and yeah one cannot become an artist overnight you can either take photography as a hobby or profession but I m sure photography will teach you a lot many things. Its an amazing hobby that anybody can start – there is no age limit to start.


According to me, everybody in this world are photographers, Is there anybody who has never clicked a photo? Whether with a camera or in a smartphone, All of us would have clicked photos – Do you agree with my point?


Well, I keep getting a lot many questions from a lot many students, photography enthusiastic, or the people I meet when I will be on wedding shoots. I want to start photography How may I? I want to buy a camera which camera is the best? Oh ya just to mention you- Even I was a photography enthu, an amateur and knew nothing about photography and now I have a team of 20+ with the brand name PHOMETO covering 500+ weddings since 5 years, you can visit our website ( to know more about us, Perhaps you may call us for your next event.


Let’s get back to the topic.


Things to consider before starting a photography

The disclaimer – I m not going in-depth or teaching you technical aspects and also not using typical photography terminologies because I want to make this as simple as possible so that everybody should understand.

So, when you think of starting photography the very first thing comes to your mind is the camera, so the question is which camera to buy – I cannot specifically tell which camera to buy – you should be the one who can answer it – before that, ask yourself – What is the purpose of it? just to capture few images and pass time? no do not just invest money there are a lot many smartphones with greater megapixels than DSLRs in the market and your phone too so start using your mobile phone for the same, once you feel that you have done enough experiments then you can think of buying one.


There are a lot many brands in the market like Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, Leica, etc. People also ask me which brand is best – It’s like I want to buy a Smartphone or a car which brand is best – Its all let to the opinion of users and the affordability of buyer. Few say canon is best, few say Nikon or Sony. Remember one thing almost all cameras will have the same options and works similarly. As a beginner, you need not worry about in-depth differences. So buy any camera according to your budget and affordability.


There are varieties of cameras divided into a point and shoot camera and DSLRs. Point and shoot will not have an option to change the lenses but DSLR will have. We shall talk about lenses in the next videos, let’s not bother about it.

Maybe once after you pass a considerable time with the basic camera and want to go for an advanced one. Meanwhile, if you have decided about the photography field that you want to get into, according to that you can buy a camera. for example – Wedding, Lifestyle, Wildlife, Food photography, Fashion, landscape, etc.

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