Bangalore to Ooty Road Journey via Bandipur – Do you need Epass?

Planning for Ooty trip from Bangalore? Here are some important things you should know. Watch this video completely.

Here are some of the Frequently Questions asked on Bangalore to Ooty Road Trip

What is Epass that is needed to Enter Ooty, Tamil Nadu?

Epass is nothing but an entry pass that is needed to enter Nilgiris part of Tamil Nadu. It is done mainly to take note of passengers travelling to Ooty during this Covid Pandemic.

Do I need an Epass and how to get an E-Pass to enter Ooty border via Bandipur?

Yes you do. As of December 2020, it was needed. We forgot to carry, but the cops sent us back.. You will have to visit this website:

What is border name we should select while filling up the Epass form?

If you are entering via Bandipur you should select Nilgiris – Kakkanallah

Are 5 members allowed in the Car?

Yes. 5 are allowed. But not sure this is as per the Government’s instructinos.
You need to select higher capacity vehicle while filling up the form. This is what the local shops did for us.

Can I get epass at Bandipur Border?

Yes. There are some hotels shops on the way who can get you epass. You will have to come back for a kilometer. But it is waste of time and they charge around 150 – 200 rs to get you epass.

How is the Bangalore to Ooty road condition which is the route you chose?

Bangalore to Mysore road is under construction. It is bad as of now. But post mysore the route is amazing. You can see that in video.

What is the distance between Bangalore to Ooty?

There are different routes distance ranges between 260 to 320 depending upon the route you take.

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