An Elephant Relishes Delightful Fruity Meal In A Viral Video

A social media user shared a video of an African Elephant named Bubbles, enjoying its fruit meal. Netizens are enjoying the video as it has gone viral on the internet.

A fruit salad for elephant

Bubbles, the elephant was orphaned when she was a baby. With the help of Dr. Bhagavan Antle who also adopted her, the elephant is now big and lovely, said Jay Brewer an Instagram user who posted the video.

In the short video, Bubbles was absolutely pleased to see a delicious variety of fruits including watermelons, pumpkins, and bananas set down in front of her.

One at a time

One at a time, she picked up the fruits with her trunk and had them.

Dr. Bhagavan Antle during the video shared some facts about elephants: “The trunk is directly connected to her brain. Her trunk is so hypersensitive that she can find the tiniest things with one little touch of her nose.”

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