Allapur village of Dharwad District Didn’t Record A Single Covid Case During 2nd Wave

A village in Dharwad recorded not even a single case amid the second wave. People in the area maintained social distance and avoided coming out of the house for silly reasons, which helped them.

Not a single case

According to the latest tweet shared by ANI, Allapur village of Dharwad district remain unaffected by the second wave of COVID19.

“Not a single Coronavirus positive case has been reported in our village so far,” Mallikarjun Radder, COVID19 Taskforce, Allapur Gram Panchayat.

Credits: ANI

Following covid protocols

A local to the village Shivalingapp Angadi said they followed all Covid protocols.

Credits: ANI

“I have a hotel but I didn’t open it due to the COVID19. We maintained social distance and didn’t visit a different village,” said

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