123 People In Chikmagalur Test Covid-19 Positive After Attending A Funeral

In a shocking incident, a total of 123 people in Indiranagara and NMDC Halli in Chikkamagaluru taluk have been tested positive for Covid-19. The majority of people tested positive because they had attended a funeral of a Covid-infected person.

Funeral at Covid-19 death

The 123 infected supposedly attended the funeral procession of a person without knowing that the person who died was a covid-19 patient.

The village has now been sealed after these members were tested positive. The medicine kits have been provided to all the infected persons.

123 People In Chikmagalur Test Covid-19 Positive

Credits: TOI

Unaware of the cause of death

Investigating the situation, Assistant Commissioner Dr. H L Nagaraj, Tahsildar Dr. K J Kantaraj, and other delegates visited the village. “A man in the village, after complaining of heart pain, was admitted to a hospital on May 13. Unfortunately, he failed to react to the treatment and died on May 14. After this, a great number of people had taken part in the funeral considering it was a natural death. Nevertheless, he tested positive for Covid-19,” Tahsildar Kantaraj said.

Covid-19 Patient Suicides (1)

Credits: theeconomictimes

It is believed that the family of the deceased had recently visited a marriage in the neighboring village. Following this, all the family members of the deceased had tested positive. It is assumed that the family members have been operating in a resort in the village it was then they might have contracted the infection.

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