10 Untold shocking facts about North Korea 

North Korea is well known for its recursivity it is also called as “Hermit kingdom”. Don’t be surprised if people call this country real prison, The country is constantly struggling with poverty and extreme isolation. North Korea is not so understandable to the outer world. People here are cut off from the connection with other countries of the world. People here cant access wifi, Facebook, etc. The people here have forgotten what it means to be free. What makes this country so mysterious and shocking. This is an isolated country with about 25million + population. Here we have 10 Untold shocking facts about North Korea which you must know.


10 Untold shocking facts about North Korea

  1. No Tax country 

Yes, you heard it right. Officially the country is completely free from taxation, people here need not pay any taxes. They celebrate April 1st as “Tax abolition day”. Income tax is eliminated in 1974.


  1. People are free to use Drugs – its unregulated

It is quite common in this country where about 30% of people use the drug. Marijuana is grown frequently which is also sometimes smuggled to China through the border. Though it is not sold openly but used widely for recreational purposes.


  1. Military service is mandatory for both Men and Women

Unless like other countries it is no obligation to join the military service but mandatory to serve. Nearly about 5% of its population is employed in military force which is why North Korea has one of the largest militaries in the world. They spend huge on their military force.


  1. Social media and TV channels are very limited

There are only about 3 TV channels in the country and the people are not allowed to use Facebook or any other social media. All the TV channel programs are controlled by govt. which will have tight scrutiny. And in another note, it is also said that there is power cut every night to save energy. No political books, No magazines and no discussion of political topics in public, Everything is suppressed.


  1. You are punished for your grandfather’s crime 

What? Yes, there is a weird 3 generation punishment rule. Horrifying but fact, If a person commits crime his entire bloodline will be punished (Grandparents, Parents, and children)


  1. North Koreans can use only 28 websites

People over there are allowed to use only 28 websites in total according to the rule from the govt. Their internet is called “Kwangmyong” which is free to use whoever has the computer, But there should be permission taken from govt to buy computers.


  1. It is not a communist country 

Communism is wiped out from the constitution of North Korea, officially the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. It is a multi-party state, it is also led by WPK (Workers Party of Korea). Head of the country Kim II-Sung is a dead man and subsequently declared as the Eternal leader of Korea. He bears the superior title. His dead body is still preserved and the calendar of this country is also based on the date of birth of Kim which is April 15, 1912.


  1. People believe that Korea is a single country

The people are convinced that the North and south Korea are one and it’s a single country. Though in the world map and in the maps of other countries Korea is parted into north and south the school maps in North Korea show the country as single.


  1. They exist in their own time zone

Shifting at least half an hour apart from any other places North Korea follows its own time zone. Its capital Pyongyang’s timing is GMT+8:30. Having a very minimum connection with other countries of the world DPRK has its own rules and regulations to the residence. They have their own rules for Basketball and other games too.


  1. Religion free country

Having restrictions on every other aspect of life North Korea has a strict rule wherein no religious practices are followed. There is no religious freedom if anybody has seen practicing any religion they will be prosecuted. The country calls itself an atheist state.


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Additionally, the country has a ban on using blue jeans, The country uses human waste as fertilizer whatnot. The country is completely strange with its practices.

What else do you know about North Korea which our readers should know, please comment below?



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