YouTube Changes Views Metric To Indian Lakhs and Crores 

YouTube appears to have brought a new update and changed the way view counts are shown for Indian users. A bunch of users have reported that the view and subscriber count is visible in Indian numbering format which is lakhs and crores instead of millions and billions.

In the numbering system that most Indians are comfortable with, a lakh stands for a hundred thousand while a crore means 10 million. 

Even though it’s a small change, some users do not seem to like the new system and have taken to Twitter to complain about it

This change is currently visible to only a handful of Android users in the country, but it is likely to go live for everyone on all platforms soon.

YouTube has always shown the view and subscribe count in the international numbering system, comprising of millions and billions, but now it seems the online video-sharing platform want to change that for Indian users to make it more understandable for all the users.

But, some YouTube users do not seem to appreciate the change as they have become accustomed to seeing the counts in millions and billions.

Many users are complaining that YouTube should at least give them an option to switch from the Indian numbering format of lakhs and crores to the international format of millions and billions. There is no option to switch back to the original format as of now.

YouTube’s attempt to make it more appealing to local audiences follows its transition to the local numeral system in countries like Japan.

Still, many Indians aren’t amused by YouTube’s latest localization efforts, attributing to the fact that the app seemingly doesn’t offer the user the option to set their own preference.

The lakh-and-crore traditional number system in India leads to an interesting dilemma for all services that communicate to the public, be it video services like YouTube, advertisers or the news media.

This even as an increasing number of Indians have become increasingly comfortable with the million-and-billion usage that is pervasive the world over.

Many unhappy users have taken to Twitter and other platforms to voice their views on the change.

YouTube has not yet officially commented on these changes. 

More about Youtube

YouTube, owned by tech giant Google, is the most popular streaming app in the world. It boasts of 1.3 billion daily active users, and the number is only projected to increase in the future.

YouTube has enjoyed a strong foothold in India, owing to the digital boom in the country due to highly competitive network pricing from network providers Airtel and Jio, among others.

Some of the most popular YouTube channels are based in India, with an increasing number of performing artists in various fields taking to YouTube as a medium to express their talents.

Major film studios also rely on YouTube for their promotional activities, using it as the major medium of film advertising. The most-subscribed YouTube channel in the world, T-Series is one such example with over 136 million subscribers to date. 


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  1. “The problem with the younger generation is that they are after some affiliate money, instead of invention.” Elon Musk.

    The problem in India is for us anything western is yummy boot licking.. Even our numeric system in youtube is ugly.. All we want is millions and billions. Nothing to think about ours, always inferiority complex in anything. Lost people.

    Not poinintg any one.. But frustration. At least in some we have to look at what is ours.. It’s new thing may tak esome time, to adapt.. But we all learned the same numeric system for our life time.

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