After 100 Covid Body Row, Twitter Trends Yogi Hatao UP Bachao

Ever since 100 bodies, suspected to be that of covid-19 patients, were found floating in the Gangas in Ghazipur Uttar Pradesh. People are calling it a complete system failure, as the government is unable to handle the situation in Uttar Pradesh.

Is govt. hiding numbers?

Many even said that the Uttar Pradesh government was hiding the actual Covid diseased numbers. Few even say that if the government was cautious since day one of the coronavirus pandemic, things would have been different.

Going by the media claims, the number of deaths now is much higher than what is being officially recorded. According to some anonymous reports, the number of fatalities in some cities is almost 10-15 times what is being published.

Covid-19 Patient Suicides (1)

Credits: theeconomictimes

The actual numbers are just the estimates we know. The numbers we do not know could be more than we can imagine.

Twitter trends Yogi Hatao UP Bachao

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