Learn Kannada through English Lesson 1

Do you want to learn Kannada through English? Well, that’s why you are here. Learning Kannada is a great experience when you have come from a different state. Yet sometimes the most challenging thing can be finding good learning platforms or learn Kannada online website and moreover no one is there to teach you Spoken Kannada.

Masala Chai Media will help you learn this beautiful language with several tips and tricks. However, depending on the place you are in Karnataka, you might hear a different modification of this language. There are significant southern, northern, and coastal differences you need to understand.

Here, watch the full video of the first lesson to Learn Kannada through English:


Starting with the first lesson of Learn Kannada through English:

Self Addressing Words

I – Nannu
Mine- Nanna / Nannadu
Ours- Nammadu

Addressing Next Person

You- Neenu

Far Thing/ Person- Word starting with- A


Near Things/ Person- Word starting with- E or I


Sentence making with Want wanted


Word English Kannada
Want – Beku I want Tea Nanage Tea beku
Do u want Tea? Nimage Tea Beka / Beke?
I need rest Nanage Vishranti beku
I want rest now Nanage eega vishranti beku
Do u want rest? Nimage vishranti Beka / Beke?
I want a fresh vegetable Nanage taja tarakaari beku
I want an answer Nanage uttara beku
u want to know? Neevu tilko beka?
\ English Kannada
Wanted – Bekittu I wanted Tea Nanage Tea bekittu
He wanted tea Avanige tea bekittu
I wanted rest Nanage Vishranti bekittu
I wanted to rest now Nanage eega vishranti bekittu
I wanted a fresh vegetable Nanage taja tarakaari bekittu
I wanted an answer Nanage uttara bekittu

Our next lesson will be on ‘numbers’ and ‘vegetables’. Please follow the link for Learn Kannada through English Lesson 2

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