Donations for Coronavirus Relief (PM Cares Fund) India List

Government of India accepting Donations for Coronavirus Relief to fight COVID19 Epidemic in India. Prime minister Shri Narendra Modi recently announced a separate Fund platform called Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations Fund (PM CARES) to accept Funds from Fellow Indians.

Here is the Official Tweet by Narendra Modi Regarding the PM CARES Corona Funds.

Prime Minister also Tweeted the Official Accounts where the Government accepts Coronavirus Relief Funds from Public. If you are willing to offer Donations for Coronavirus Relief (PM Cares Fund) Only use the official accounts shared by the Government.

Indians Responded very quickly and with huge support as soon as  The Prime Minister announced PM CARES fund.


Here is the list of people and companies that have donated for Coronavirus in India

Donations for coronavirus in India list

TATA Groups 1500 Crores
WIPRO Foundation 1125 Crores
Reliance Industries 500 Crores
Oil and Natural Gas Commission 300 Crores
ITC 150 Crores
LIC OF INDIA 105 Crores
Hindustan Unilever 100 Crores
Anil Agarwal (Vedanta) 100 Crores
Hero cycle 100 Crores
Bajaj group 100 Crores
Torrent Group 100 Crores
Infosys Foundation 100 Crores
Jindal Group 100 Crores
Mankind Pharma 51 Crores
Shiradi 51 Crores
BCCI 51 Crores
CRPF 33 Crores
Akshay Kumar 25 Crores
Sun pharma 25 Crores
OLA 20 Crores
Paytm 5 Crore + Handwash
Anand Mahindra Hotels + Ventilator
Prabhas 4 Crores
Anupama Nadela (Microsoft) 2 Crores
Anita Dongre 1.5 Crores

The list goes and adding up a lot many contributors.

The government of India also announced it is now accepting Donations from Foreigners which was not allowed till recent days. However, the Government has reconfirmed that it is not accepting funds from the Government of Foreign countries and it is now limited to the Individuals who are staying outside India.


We will be updating the list of Donations for Coronavirus Relief, If you have come across any Donors please mention them in a comments section below.


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