Curry Made Out Of Potato Chips? Twitter Is Going Crazy Over This

We all love Potato chips. The market is filled with many brands offering delicious varieties of chips. But have you ever thought of having potato chips as a curry alongside your chapati? Sounds weird, isn’t it?

Potato chips curry

This is what the internet is thinking upon ever since a picture of Potato Chips Curry went viral on social media. The picture of this unusual dish was posted on Facebook by a group called Kolkata Food Trotters.

The picture was viral after a distinct Twitter user shared a screenshot of the Potato Chips Curry post with the caption, “Minimum 14 years of rigorous imprisonment for this confession of murder.”

In what appears to be a tomato-based gravy, the dish was prepared with potato chips, cooked in place of adding meat or vegetables.

Twitter is lashing out

Twitter is bashing this bizarre dish. They are calling it an injustice to the potato chips.

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