Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi Released A White Paper On Covid-19 Today

On Tuesday Congress leader Rahul Gandhi released a white paper on the mismanagement of the Covid-19 pandemic and said the purpose of this report is not to point fingers at the government.

Covid-19 management

The Wayanad MP on Tuesday delivered a white paper on Covid-19 management which said, “The object of this white paper on COVID19 is not to point out at the government but to assist the nation to prepare for the third wave of disease. India knows that a third wave will appear.”

Speaking on the government’s action against the deadly disease Rahul Gandhi stated, “It’s obvious that administration of the first and second wave of COVID was bad and disastrous, and we’ve tried to highlight the reasons behind it. Going further, there might be waves even after the third wave as the virus is mutating.”

“The white paper intends to show the road ahead. We have reviewed it with experts and developed four pillars,” he said.

Pandemic strategy

Initially, the government should think broadly, Gandhi forced on to the fact that vaccination is key to battle the pandemic.

“Center pillar is vaccination. We must carry a dynamic vaccination policy. The government must be ready… have hospitals, oxygen, meds available. If you think the second wave is critical, the third one will be more dangerous.”

Citing to the account of 82.7 lakh vaccinations on Monday, Gandhi said, “Yes, it is very impressive work that has happened yesterday but this is not a set of events. Govt has to make this manner work not just for one day but every day till we’ve vaccinated our whole population.” Watch the video below.

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