Where can I buy Goat Milk in Bangalore?

You can buy Goat milk or Goat milk-related Products from Basta. Basta is one of the leading Goat milk Producers in Bangalore, they have highly maintained Goat Farm which produces great quality Goat milk. To buy Goat milk in Bangalore you have to visit Basta website or call them at 089711 10775

Basta delivers Goat milk across Bangalore, Rates are comparatively better compared to other Goat Milk Sellers.

Goat Milk Products Sold by Basta

Basta Currently Sell Below Products

Goat Milk
Goat Yogurt in Different Flavours
Goat Cheese and Chevre
Goat Feta

For more details and information visit basta.co.in

Another option would be buying Goat milk from Bigbasket.

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