Kyatanamakki Hills, the Most Beautiful Hill Station In Karnataka

Kyatanamakki Hills is one of the popular hill stations located near Horanadu in the Chikmagalur district, Karnataka. The Kyatanamakki hills is a range of hills of the Western Ghats of India. They are known for their rich biodiversity and are home to many rare and endangered species of plants and animals. The hills are a popular destination for hikers and nature enthusiasts, who come to enjoy the beautiful scenery and explore the forests and wildlife of the region. The Kyatanamakki hills are also an important source of water for the surrounding areas, as many rivers and streams originated from here. 


Kyatanamakki hills has been declared one of the most beautiful places in Chikmaglur: 

The Kyatanmakki hills is famous for its natural beauty. There are several tourist attractions here such as Kudremukha national park, the Kalasa River, etc. This is a popular trekking place in Karnataka. When you are visiting Horanadu temple don’t miss this place. Kyatanamakki hills is just 25 mins drive from Horanadu. For reaching the peak point you have 2 options. One is trekking the other is by bike or jeep. You can’t go in your car because the road is not good. You can hire a jeep at the starting point. In the jeep, the required time to reach the destination is 20 minutes. You can also go in a bike if you are very much fond of bike riding. If you want to experience the beautiful Kyatanamakki hill view then you can go by trekking. And there is a homestay in Kyatanamakki hill station road. You can stay there with beautiful view from the homestay.  For those who seek to escape hustle and bustle of city life for a weekend, this is the best place to visit for.  

Don’t miss the beautiful Kyatanamakki viewpoint. You can experience one of the best nature views here. The best time to visit here is from October to March. So if you are planning to trek on the weekends, Kyatanamakki hills are the best one. 

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